5+ Best Spray Guns In Australia For 2020

Save yourself the time, fuss and pain of an ordinary paint roller, consider trying one of the best spray guns the market has to offer.

Say goodbye to brushes and paint rollers, and allow us to introduce you to an air-compressor and a gun, the spray gun will save hours of time, money and tons of energy. 

Besides mixing the paint and taping up the walls, the spray gun does most of the work for you, even better than that, produces precision results. 

Whether you're painting a wall, fence or furniture, a spray gun is a worthwhile investment, and these are 5 great options to consider.

Best Spray Guns Australia

1. Gravity Feed HVLP Paint Spray Gun

  • High atomisation
  • Saves paint
  • High efficiency

If you’ve realized that painting with a spray gun is much quicker and easier than with a brush or roller then you’ve come to the right place.

Gravity feed paint spray guns are rapidly overtaking the older conventional syphon-fed spray guns for several reasons. They make less mess, they use less paint, and they’re more environmentally friendly.

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray guns don’t use a compressor to create the spray but use a high volume of air through an atomiser or aeroliser to create the mist at low pressure. The low pressure leads to less wasted paint because more of it stays on the surface being painted.

This gravity-fed HVLP spray gun is fairly typical of these models. It features high atomisation with low nozzle air pressure. 

It therefore saves paint by ensuring that the paint goes on the surface and not into the surrounding air. The significant byproduct of that is that it effectively protects the environment.

The spray gun comes with three different nozzle sizes: 1.4mm, 1.7mm and 2mm for different applications. The nozzles and needle are made from durable and easy to clean stainless steel. The pattern, air intake and fluid output are all adjustable. The paint pot contains 600ml of paint.

2. NUZAMAS Gravity Feed Air Spray

  • Adjustable fluid fan pattern
  • Silver colour
  • Established brand

The NUZAMAS two-piece gravity feed paint spray gun is so easy and clean to use that it’s a no-brainer for your next paint job. It will save you time and paint, and also help the environment by less paint going into the surrounding air as happens with syphon-fed guns. With a low

This model has a 1.5mm nozzle which makes it ideal for medium or standard viscosity paints.

It has an aluminium cup which holds 400ml of paint which is plenty of capacity for most jobs. The body of the gun is also made from lightweight and comfortable to hold aluminium. It has adjustable air controls, fluid control, and fluid fan patterns for precise coverage and less waste.

The stainless-steel fluid needle and nozzle are corrosion resistant.

There is the ability to attach a regulator if you want to have more control over the airflow and paint spray.

The NUZAMAS gravity feed handheld spray gun is ideal for smaller jobs around the home, automotive applications, industrial, marine, woodworking, and more.

If you want the perfect finish every time then a spray gun is your best bet and the NUZAMAS is as good as any other on the market.

3. Lematec Hvlp Spray Gun

  • Established brand
  • Professional paint sprayer

Designed and built for the professionals and those in the industrial sector who need only the best equipment, the Lematec patented HVLP paint spray gun gives professional results every single time without fail.

Lematec has clients who are some of the largest organisations in government and the private industrial sectors.

The spray gun is put together carefully so that it can be easily taken apart for cleaning and maintenance. All the knobs and valves and other features of the gun have been designed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind.

The body of the gun is made from steel and aluminium for lightweight and balance. The nozzle and needle are stainless steel and solid brass. There are no plastic parts in this gun. The weight of the gun is only 550gm.

The nozzle size is 1.4mm which is ideal for most paint viscosities. And the paint cup holds 600ml.

The gun’s design allows for full adjustment of the spray pattern from flat to round. You can attach a separate regulator to better control the airflow pressure at the inlet point.

The spray gun is solvent proof so you can rest assured that you won’t damage it by cleaning up with harsh materials like paint thinners.

The spray gun arrives with a service tool and extremely detailed instructions.

Being a high-volume low-pressure spray gun the waste is minimal – the gun pays for itself pretty quickly by saving on wasted paint!

4. Graco 246506 Airless Spray Gun

  • Established brand
  • Professional paint sprayer
  • Enhanced safety features

Sitting at the high end of the price range for paint spray guns is the Graco 246506 Airless Spray Gun.

The unit is designed for ease of use and maintenance for any user, professional, DIY-er or first-timer. And for any paint job, small or large.

The company has integrated ergonomic and user-friendly features into this spray gun, as well as quality materials for durability and a ‘feel-good' sensation.

The trigger has a full four-finger grip which is comfortable to hold for extended periods and provides more control over the direction and strength of the spray.

The pull is light and smooth as well, and there's a thumb lock to secure the trigger for safety when not in use. The trigger can be opened for flushing out and cleaning.

The package includes a built-in hose swivel, spray tip, mesh gun filter and hand-tight guard.

The filter inside the handle reduces clogs in the tip and improves the overall finish of the paint job. And the SwitchTip makes cleaning the tip clogs easy with just a twist.

The easy access 2-piece filter keeps the paint free of clogs and is quickly removed and replaced. Graco has thought of everything in this design and that includes quality in every aspect.

5. HAUPON TM-71 Paint Sprayer

  • HVLP spray gun
  • Changeable air cap/nozzle
  • Holds 1.2L of paint

Finish your paint jobs faster and more efficiently than with brushes or rollers with this spray gun by HAUPON.

This is an HVLP spray gun (that’s High-Volume Low Pressure) so it uses less paint than airless spray guns do. You have more control over the direction of the spray and have less overspray and less paint spray going into the air as well. That’s a saving for your wallet and for the environment.

The gun has a changeable air cap and nozzle allowing it to spray faster and wider, and also making it compatible with all paint types, including varnishes, latex, adhesive, polyurethane and others.

You may need to use a different needle and spray tip for some paints. You can adjust the paint flow for a different output on particular jobs like corners, edges etc. All the nozzles and tips are made from bronze for durability and quality finishes.

The paint container holds a large 1.2 litres, suitable for very substantial jobs.

The gun has a strong 450W motor to allow a precise spray with a good pattern and excellent finish.

Clean up and maintenance is a breeze – simply fill the paint container with thinner and spray until it runs clean of paint residue.

With the spray gun you’ll receive a viscosity cap for testing paint consistency, a black air cap for a finer spray, a blue air cap for a wider spray pattern, a lid washer to prevent leakage, 1.5mm and 2.5mm nozzles and needle tips, wrench to adjust spray and needle tips, cleaning brush, bamboo skewer to clean needle tip, and check valve.

That’s an all-inclusive excellent package.


When it comes to choosing the best spray gun in Australia, there's many options available to you. What's the best option for us, might not be the best for you, so be sure to check various features to find your perfect spray gun. 

James Hunter

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