5+ Best Single Touch Payroll Cloud Platforms

Single Touch Payroll was launched by the ATO on 1st July 2019 and is a new legislation that all employers must abide by in Australia. 

So we decided to look at the best Single Touch Payroll cloud solutions out there, that you can use from free options to fully fledged analytical options. 

We haven't looked at accounting programs though, most of these also have built in STP options. But this guide is for standalone options that integrate with the ATO reporting, often for smaller businesses of 1-20 employees. 

So without further ado, see below for our top 5 picks (there's many more..) 

Best Single Touch Payroll Cloud Platforms

1. Elmo Payroll

  • Cloud based solution
  • Good for larger businesses
  • Reporting & analytical data

Elmo payroll software is a cloud-based payroll solution that allows companies to manage staff pay and deliver secure, accurate and compliant payroll.

The payroll software allows for extensive configurability to suit the unique needs of businesses and can be fully integrated into other ELMO software such as HR and recruiting onboarding.

It is also fully complaint with SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll, as well as being automatically updated with the current tax rates and rules.

The software provides online self-service access for employees and managers, allowing them to perform tasks such as change personal details, submit and approve timesheets, manage annual leave or view past and current pay slips.

Employers can set role-based permissions, controlling who can view and approve which information.

There are also a range of in-application reporting tools, allowing managers to easily create and run reports on their payroll data.

They can compare historical data to identify variances in payroll as well report on current payroll to easily identify trends and anomalies. It also provides rostering and attendance tools to ensure staff are paid correctly.

Elmo offer a free software demonstration as well as extensive training webinars and documentation and in person and live online training. 

2. Reckon

  • Free for 1-4 employees
  • App use from $9.99 a month
  • Combine with their accounting software

Reckon is a comprehensive payroll and accounting software allowing businesses to manage staff wages, leave and super whilst staying compliant with Single Touch Payroll.

Reckon provide four main payroll solutions, each with different features depending on the size and needs of the business.

Its most basic package is the free Single Touch Payroll App which allows businesses to automatically send Single Touch Reporting reports directly to the ATO each pay run, ensuring compliance for small businesses with 1 - 4 employees.

Reckon One Payroll allows for more comprehensive payroll management and costs A$7 per month.

There is no limit to the number of employees and as well as managing wages it allows businesses to process Jobkeeper payments, calculate Superannuation and track annual leave allowances.

Users can also use Reckon Payroll One as a mobile app for A$9.99 a month, which provides all of the same STP compliant features as the main software but can be accessed from a mobile app.

Reckon One is a more advanced product that provides Reckon Payroll management combined with accounting tools for a A$14 per month.

The accounting tools allows businesses to keep track of receipts and expenses, payments and GST as well as view cash flow in real time and historically. 

3. Clockon

  • Free setup assistance
  • Free for 1-5 employees & 27 STPs
  • Starts at $9/mo

Clockon is an ATO compliant Single Touch Payroll solution allowing businesses to manage their payroll as well as instantly report their pay run to the ATO.

Clockon software provides a number of key features to help manage payroll.

As well STP and ATO compliance, the software has a built-in award interpreter to ensure employees are being payed correctly.

There are also automatic rate updates, an allowance and deduction calculator and precise leave accrual. Payslips can be automatically sent via email or accessed through a mobile app.

There are also powerful reporting features which allow for multiple entity, department or location costings.

There are also several other features that can be integrated with the core payroll software. For example, Clockon Rostering allows users to create, edit and communicate rosters quickly using industry specific templates and employee or role grouping.

Clockon Time and Attendance can also be integrated and records shift and breaktimes using Biometric Terminals or an employee web portal.

The STP payroll software varies in price depending on the size of business.

For 1-5 employees the software is free for the first 27 STP submissions and A$9 per month thereafter. For businesses with 6-10 employees it is A$18 and A$36 for 11-20 employees. 

4. Payroller

  • Free forever
  • Supported by Bookipi software
  • Trusted by many small businesses

Payroller is a free Single Touch Payroll software for businesses and accountants available on desktop and mobile.

It allows businesses to be compliant with Australian Tax Office regulations which require businesses with one or more employees to report salary, PAYG, tax and superannuation information with each pay run.

Payroller is offered completely free for both businesses and accountants. For businesses the software allows for an unlimited number of employees and unlimited payrolls with single touch reporting, all for free.

It can be used in all states of Australia and provides payroll reports. For accountants there are no limits on the number of clients.

There is an accountant portal allowing easy management of multiple clients which also provides bulk Single Touch Payroll and bulk pay runs.

Payroller was developed by Bookipi, an Australian based software company that builds apps and cloud-based solutions for small businesses.

As well as a popular payroll software product it also sells an invoice app and expense management software.

The bulk of their business comes from these products, so offering Payroller for free allows the company to crate new customers for its revenue generating products as well as helps Bookipi fulfil their mission of supporting small business. 

5. Easy Payslip

  • Offers free trial
  • Pricing from $8.80/mo
  • 10 minute setup process

Easy Payslip is a web based STP compliant payroll software that lets small businesses easily process payroll and email employees’ payslips direct from the web or mobile app.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up an Easy Payslip account and has a number of features to help small businesses stay on top of their payroll.

Payslips can be created in minutes and then are automatically emailed to employees whilst also being backed up in the app.

The app automatically calculates things like superannuation, overtime, commissions, multiple rates and deductions instead of business owners calculating it manually.

Users can also track annual and personal leave, long service leave and super allowances for employees all within the app.

Easy Payslip doesn’t offer a free product but it does offer a free trial. If users wish to continue using the software, they must upgrade to a paid plan.

For businesses with 1 – 4 employees the software A$8.80 per month which includes all features.

The software is priced at A$12.95 per month for businesses with up to 6 employees and A$19.95 for business up to 10 employees.

Additional employees can then be added for A$2 per employee per month.

What Is Single Touch Payroll? 

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a new way of employers reporting tax and superannuation details to the ATO. 

You will use STP supported platforms that let you send employees salary, wages, super and tax information direct to the ATO each time you pay them. 

Originally launched in July 2019, it's a much easier way for the ATO to track the financials of an employee, almost in real time, each time you pay. 

This is now a legal requirement for all businesses to follow. 

STP Reporting Options

You'll find there's a few different types of options. Most small businesses who fit into the 1-4 employees category can report using a free or low-cost provider. An example is Payroller or EasySlip that we mentioned above. 

Employers with 5-19 employees will need to speak to their accountant or tax professional on the best option. Most businesses will likely use their accounting software such as Xero, MyOB etc. 

If you need further information, read this guide on the ATO website. 

Now you know the best single touch payroll cloud platforms we recommend checking out, be sure to checkout some of our other guides. 

James Hunter