5+ Best Melbourne Recruitment Agencies

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, the more important question should be, 'Why are these the best Melbourne recruitment agencies?'.  

If you are seeking out your dream career, finding the best recruitment agency that will personalise its services to your individual criteria of requirements and goals is crucial. Only the best recruitment agencies will be able to connect you with a range of businesses and contacts, help you improve the appeal of your resume and cover letter and provide you with the finest customer service. 

As a business, navigating the human resources landscape can be a difficult task. Hence, why outsourcing a recruitment agency can be a great option for employers, as they can assist in finding someone with the right attitude, experience and skill set for your business. 

These top 5 Melbourne based recruitment agencies offer a variety of unique features, consisting of salary guides and comparisons, personal referral systems, career advice, personalised resume and cover letter assistance and much more. 

Best Melbourne Recruitment Agencies

1. Adecco

  • World's leading employment agency
  • Extensive candidate database
  • 19 offices Australia-wide

Adecco is a recruitment agency based in Zurich, Switzerland, with over 5000 branches across the globe. Established in 1996, they provide temporary staffing, permanent job placement, career transitions and talent development in conjunction with business process consulting and outsourcing. Their staffing services cover a number of industries including office, industrial, technical, financial, legal, and many more.

Despite the size of the company, their individual services are tailored to their location, so job seekers and employers can trust that they are receiving personalised expertise from knowledgeable consultants.

Whether an employer is looking for 5 employees or 5000, permanent employees or temporary, consultants will customise their plan in a way that suits your requirements, and takes into account your budget and any other necessary parameters. Employers will be able to work with a large employee candidate pool from the get-go which will give them the highest chance of securing their ideal candidate.

As for job seekers, due to the number of employers that put their faith in Adecco, there are a plethora of roles available at all times that are sure to tantalise your career taste buds. If you are open to a range of roles, a short application on the website will allow consultants to get to know what you’re looking for and assist from there, otherwise, if you have a specific job in mind, it is easy to upload a resume and consultants will see that it gets to the right places. 

2. The Next Step

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Relationships with high-profile Australian organisations

The Next Step is a boutique HR consultancy firm that delivers integrated solutions to clients in order to solve their business staffing requirements.They refer to their service as providing a way to ‘buy, borrow or build’ companies’ HR capabilities.

Their relationships with high-profile Australian organisations allow the company to attract desirable job seekers and place them in well-suited roles. Their talent pool extends across all levels and industries and includes top tier HR executives for their speciality of building organisational HR capability.

The Next Step team consist of dedicated HR professionals, who are continuously working on their career and personal development through best trend and best practice research to extend their expertise and capabilities, in order to provide businesses and job seekers with superb service that exceeds expectations. Their knowledge allows them to give insights into HR capability requirements in order to meet market demands and contribute to business growth and success.

Job seekers will be matched to roles that utilise their current skill set, with consultants taking the time to understand the individual's skills and help hone these further. HR roles available include permanent, executive, contracting and assess opportunities.

Employers also have access to hiring employees under these criteria and it is easy to submit a vacancy that they are looking to fill. Consultants will then consult and assess sourced talent in order to find the right fit for the requirements of the business.

3. Michael Page

  • 140 offices worldwide
  • Personal referrals

Michael Page is a recruitment agency established in 1976 in the UK as a two man operation and has since grown to boast 140 offices over 36 countries worldwide.

Consultants employed by the agency are experts in their fields and are seeking long-term success for both businesses and job seekers. They understand the skills and talent that employers are after as well as the markets on a global, local and national level.

They specialise in mid- to senior-level professional and management recruitment for permanent, temporary and contract roles over a number of industries.

Word-of-mouth referrals make up a large number of business for this company as well as repeat customers, demonstrating the commitment the brand gives to their work and the quality of service they deliver time and time again.

Employers can highlight the relevant industry, skill or role they are looking to fill within their business by contacting a consultant or filling out a form on the website, this will assist in sourcing the potential matches suited for this role. Consultants can also assist with staff retention.

Job seekers can do a quick job search on the website or submit their resume for consideration in a number of appropriate jobs. In addition, the website provides resume and cover letter advice, a salary guide and a salary comparison tool to assist job seekers, as well as career advice. 

4. Robert Half

  • 300 locations worldwide
  • Salary guide

Robert Half is an Australian recruitment agency that matches skilled candidates with employers in a variety of fields for temporary and permanent roles. Their recruitment services allow job seekers to be matched with their dream job, and gives employers the talent they need to help their business reach that next level. 

Their specialised services cover the industries of finance and accounting, administration, IT and technology, financial services, project consulting and executive or senior management roles.

Employers can hire talent by simply outlining their hiring needs and staffing options, to which consultants will strive to deliver a pool of ideal candidates that fit these needs. Then, all that needs to be done is for the employer to select the best candidate, and the consultant will coordinate all aspects of the recruitment process to ensure a smooth start for both parties. 

Communication with the consultant does not end once the recruitment process is complete; a satisfaction guarantee ensures expert advice and recruitment support continues beyond this stage, and a long-lasting relationship will be formed.

Job seekers are able to search the website for current vacancies via location, key word or industry. Consultants will work hard to understand your career goals, setting you up for success by finding a role that is the right fit for you.

Consultants can also assist with improving resumes and cover letters, preparing you for interviews and ensuring you are putting your best self forward to give you the best opportunity to secure your dream role. 

5. Morgan Consulting

  • 98% success placement rate
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Referral rewards system

Morgan Consulting is an Australian recruitment agency that has been operating for 20 years. They pride themselves on delivering a recruitment service that values the journey just as much as the destination, by providing a quality, first-class customer experience that ends in the ultimate goal.

Their consultants are industry experts in the areas they recruit for and have an average of 10 years’ experience in the recruitment industry. They know what it takes to deliver consistent and high-quality service.

Using the latest recruitment technology like recorded video interviews and personalised video introductions for candidates, employers and job seekers alike can experience technological innovation throughout the recruitment process.

Employers will be able to increase their business success by finding perfect candidates that fit seamlessly into their new roles and enhance business operations. With a 98% success placement rate, sourcing candidates who fit in with your organisation, your culture and who invest in your company for the long-term, are an utmost priority that has paid off for previous clients. 

Job seekers are able to search for their dream job on the website or submit their resume so consultants can match them with the perfect role. There is a ‘refer a friend’ rewards system where anyone can refer people they know to the agency and if they end up being successfully employed, the referrer will receive a $500 gift card!


Choosing the right recruitment agency can be a difficult process. In Australia alone there are over 7300 agencies, one of the most competitive markets for agencies in the world. However the five we've mentioned today should definitely be considered when applying for your next job in Melbourne. 

We're interested to hear your personal opinions and if you have any recommendations we should consider, be sure to leave a comment below. 

Vicky Lane

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