5+ Best Melbourne Driving Schools Victoria

Learning to drive is an important part of every young persons career so finding the best driving schools in Melbourne is critical to your success and safety on the roads. 

Over the past few months we've been evaluating the best driving schools across Melbourne, that offer both automatic or manual lessons for all ages. 

These are our personal top 5 picks after performing multiple checks online including reviews, ratings, reputation, history, satisfaction, overall trust and any complaints. 

There's definitely more driving schools in Melbourne out there, but these are our recommendations for learning to drive. We're not affiliated to any of the providers below. 

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Best Melbourne Driving Schools

1. Alex Driving School

Alex Driving School is an affordable driving school that services the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.With a 98% pass rate, they are a reliable and professional school that teaches driving for those with little to no driving experience. As well as taking drivers from their L’s to their P’s, they offer overseas licence conversion. 

Packages are available that provide great value and clients can bundle their VicRoads driver test in a package to make lessons even more affordable.

Package prices depend on lesson length which can go for 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Prices start at $165 AUD for one 45 minute lesson and the driver test, $180 for one 60 minute lesson and the test or $170 for one 60 minute lesson on it’s own, and $210 for one 90 minute lesson and the test or $88 for one 90 minute lesson alone.

As multiple lessons are generally a more common option, prices are discounted in order to ensure drivers can progress with their driving skills at an affordable price and guarantee they are confident in their driving ability when taking their driver test.

Prices including the driver test do not include the fee required to take the test which will need to be paid to VicRoads directly. They cover having an instructor present during the test for support.

It is easy to make a booking online or by phone and an email detailing payment information will be sent out which clients need to pay to confirm their booking. 

2. Melbourne Driving School

Melbourne Driving School provides driving education throughout all suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria including the VicRoads licence test centres. Instructors are experienced and hold government accredited training in order to instil confidence and capability in all driving students.


They will endeavour to give students the knowledge and instruction required to have them taking their driver’s licence test in the shortest timeframe possible.

They offer a superior pass rate and lessons are tailored to the individual student to ensure all personal goals and needs are met, and the student receives an enjoyable driving experience.

Overseas licence conversions are available as well as the standard L’s to P’s lessons that suit nervous and anxious drivers or those who feel confident and are just needing some support for their test.

It is easy to book online and cars available are late models, clean and safe with air conditioning. Instructors are non-smokers who all hold ‘working with children checks’ and are experienced drivers who will provide learners with appropriate instruction as well as feedback at the completion of their lesson.

Package deals are available to suit any budget and make lessons and attaining your licence a very real and affordable possibility.

Lessons can also be gifted to friends and family which make a great present for those that are ready to jump in the car and get driving. Perfect for birthdays, graduations or Christmas! These can be given as gift vouchers for any amount. 

3. AA Sprint

Sprint Driving School offers professional driving lessons throughout the suburbs of Melbourne for manual and automatic licences.

Their instructors are experienced, friendly and patient, and use educational techniques to improve driver confidence, safety and skills on the road.

Learner drivers can test the service with one free lesson to ensure they are happy with their choice of driving school. Sprint guarantees learners will pass their drivers test once they have completed the learn to drive course.

A preliminary driving assessment determines the level of the learner driver in order to ensure they enlist in the correct driving program. All courses are personalised to the student’s needs and capabilities in order to focus on the skills students need to develop.

Comprehensive and intensive courses will assist students to achieve the driving level required to pass the drivers test and make them a safe driver for life.


These are well suited for those needing to focus on particular skills and processes. Affordable packages are available that start at $45 AUD for a 45-minute lesson or $225 AUD for a pack of five 45-minute lessons and $425 AUD for a pack of 10.

60-minute lessons are also available and can be purchased as a pack of 5 for $300 AUD which gives drivers one lesson for free.

It is easy to book online and payment should be received prior to the lesson. 

4. Ideal Drive

Ideal Drive is a Melbourne driving school servicing all Melbourne suburbs with their experienced and professional instructors who will have students feeling confident in no time.

They offer programs for beginners looking to gain their drivers licence to those looking to brush up on their driving skills. The curriculum provided complies with government standards to ensure best practice and all relevant skills are covered.

Students are taught step-by-step with patient instructors who can provide a strong driving foundation. With ex-licence-testers as instructors, students can practice mirrored versions of the test so that they are prepared when taking the test and feel confident in their ability.

The first lesson is offered at $39 AUD and goes for 45 minutes. Drivers can purchase packages to save money on lesson costs and these are offered on 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute lessons.

For three lessons, 45-minute packages cost $126, 60-minute packages cost $159, and 90-minute packages cost $222.

All duration's can also be purchased in 5 pack bundles, with 60-minute and 90-minute lessons also able to be purchased in packs of 11. With packages, students are able to use the same car and have access to the same instructor to ensure consistency with their learning.


Students are also able to use this car and instructor when completing their drivers test. Lesson packages including the drivers test are available and start at $250 for three 45-minute lessons and test. 

5. Vicky Driving School

Vicky Driving School offers high-quality driving lessons throughout the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Students of all driving capabilities will find what they are seeking from these driving lessons, whether it be achieving a standard of driving to allow them to pass their drivers test, convert their licence to an overseas licence, learn defensive driving techniques or simply brush up on driving skills.

Instructors are patient and experienced, and courses are personalised to the individual student’s goals and targets.

Lessons can be completed after normal working hours which allows for flexibility in scheduling of lessons in order to cater to all students’ availability.

With an excellent pass record for students achieving their licence, new students can feel confident in their choice of driving school and know they are setting themselves up to achieve their driving goals with competent instructors who will be able to provide support during the drivers test.

Bookings can be made online or by phone, and lesson packages are available that reduce lesson costs and make learning to drive affordable. Lesson duration's are 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes and prices start at $44, $49, and $75 respectively for automatic.

For a bundle of 5, 45-minute lessons are $420, 60-minute lessons are $245, and 90-minute lessons are $370. 10 lesson bundles are also available and cost $440 for 45-minute lessons, $480 for 60-minute lessons, and $700 for 90-minute lessons.

Manual lessons are also available for a slightly higher price. 

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