5+ Best Lock Pick Training Kits [Top Rated]

So you want to learn how to pick a lock? Well there's many Youtube videos out there, but to really get started you need a lock, with a see through exterior so you can see what you're doing. 

Today we're looking at the best lock pick training kits available in Australia, for any future locksmith to learn their trade, or simply for those looking to learn something new. 

Below you'll see our top picks for lock picking. 

1. ValueHall Picking Lock Kit

  • 20 lock picks, 2 padlocks, 4 keys
  • Very affordable
  • Highly rated kit

This kit from ValueHall is catered towards beginners and professional locksmiths. It is inclusive of a 20 lock-picks, 2 transparent padlocks, 4 keys, and a 4 torque wrenches which come in a leather case.

The padlocks are transparent to allow users to easily view their movements and comprehend how lock-picking works. The shell is made out of acrylic while the handle is structured out of copper. The 20 lock-picks have different edges to adhere and unlock different ridges.

The hooks of these tools are also structured out stainless steel for durability and to prevent cuts on the fingers. These hooks are gold in colour to easily distinguish motions when used in the transparent locks.

The plastic handles on these tools are cushion-like for comfort and blue in colour. The torque wrench or tension wrench that comes included is designed to be placed into the plug to turn the lock.

After practice with the transparent locks, these tools can also be used on everyday metal locks with ease. Overall, this kit serves a variety of purposes and can be used for fun, to gain experience as a locksmith or for at-home use.

2. Cozysmart Lock Pick Set (17pc)

  • 17 piece kit
  • Portable carrying kit
  • Great for apprentices/beginners

This 17-piece kit from Cozysmart is tailored towards opening small locks around houses and schools, such as those in cabinets and lockers. The tiples of the tools are made out of high-quality stainless steel with plastic handles to provide a firm grip while pick locking.

The handles are dark blue in colour and quite long, fitting a variety of hand sizes. There is one practice lock available with 2 keys. The practice lock is transparent in colour which allows beginners to see the mechanisms and art of pick locking.

The transparent lock is also scratch-resistant. Additionally, the directions of the pins can also be seen through the lock for further education.

There is a 5-torque wrench included as well to apply tension and pressure to unlock. All of these components come in a zipper bag with netting that keeps each tool in its place.

This is a great starter kit for apprentices and beginners to pick locking. However, it is also targeted towards professional locksmiths who just want to practice and polish their skills.

The tools can be sand downed if needed. The inclusion of a zipper bag makes this kit incredibly compact and portability. 

3. DANIU Transparent Practice

  • 12 piece set
  • Secure black pouch
  • Good for beginners

This set from DANIU features one padlock with 12 tools with crotchet hooks and a tension wrench. There are also 2 keys to unlock the padlock with. The padlock has no colouring and is see-through in order to allow pickers to view movements and motions.

The chambers are also unlocked to see ridges move with each tool. The hooks on the tools are black in colour, making it easy to track the mechanisms when inserted inside the practice padlock.

The handles on the tool are silver in colour and long enough to use as many fingers as needed to twist and turn around. 

The tools can be stored in the black pouch that comes included with a purchase of this kit. The padlock and keys however, cannot fit in the pouch and need to be stored separately. This lock picking set is catered towards apprentices due to the various tools available.

It is also a great beginner kit for teenage children to practice on. After enough practice on the padlock, the tools can also be tried on at-home storage units such as kitchen cabinets and lockers. Professional locksmiths can also practice with this set.

4. Sparrows Night School Tuxedo + Edition

  • High quality training set
  • Local company offering this set
  • Carry case included

This special edition pick locking set is inclusive of 7 lock picks, a regular lock, a spool pin lock, a serrated pin lock and 6 tension wrenches. The different pads available offer a variety of practice and each come with a matching key.

The locks are gold in colour with a see-through window to see the chambers and pick motions. The pick locks match the colour of the pads and are made out of high-quality materials to allow a good mix of flexibility and rigidness.

The thermal handles of the picks are coloured black and cushion-like, preventing harsh indentations during long sessions of practice.

All the picks, pads, keys and wrenches can be stored in the included carrying pouch. This pouch has a zipper on the side and a Sparrows logo on the front. The inclusion of a pouch makes carrying and transporting this kit a breeze.

There are 2 flaps inside the carrying pouch to include more tools if desired. This set is ideal for beginners who want to take up lock picking. One could start with practicing on the regular lock and move onto more tightly secured pieces like the spool pin and serrated pin locks.

5. Locksmith School-In-A-Box Lock Pick Training Kit

  • Something a bit different
  • Includes guide on lock picking
  • Available from local company

This lock picking kit is inclusive of a manual called, ‘Easy Pickings’ to teach the basics, making it a beginner-friendly additional for those who are more inexperienced. This is a smaller set with 5 locks, 4 lock picks and a tension wrench.

There is a single key as well to unlock that can unlock everything. The picks are made out of stainless steel and are not extremely sharp to prevent scratches.

There are 5 locking stages, starting off with 1 pin in the starter lock and then leading up to a maximum of 5 pins in the final lock. Through this method, the skills of users will be challenged and upgraded.

Starting off with 1 pin allows familiarization with tension and movements and moving up to 5 pins shows progress. Repinning requires taking away the exterior of the lock and taking away or adding pins accordingly. 

This kit comes with a wood-coloured stand that has a hole for a lock at the top. There is a knob to tightly secure the lock in place. The bottom of the stand has indents to store each lock. The attractive set-up makes it possible to store this set upright and in the public eye. 

What is lock picking?

This is the art of unlocking a lock through manipulating components of the locking device without using the original key. (Source)

Types of Lock Pick Sets

Currently there are two types of sets, those for beginners and those for professionals. 

We recommend you start with a beginner set. 

Once you've mastered the art of lock picking, you'll want to get yourself a set of professional grade lock picking equipment. 

Professional sets come with all the pins required to pick all the standard locks expected in Australia. Additionally to this, you'll also want to learn how to drill out locks, and install new locks. 

How to choose a lock pick training set?

You'll want to look into the price and features on offer. For example, you can spend $hundreds of dollars on the latest and greatest equipment to learn on such as 'School-In-A-Box' however if you're not sure if lock picking is for you, or you want to learn a new skill, any of the cheap sets can help. 

You can pickup a decent training set for under $50. Plus if you're willing to wait, you can often buy the same type of kit from China for a fraction of the price. 

Of course we recommend you support local businesses, but times are tough. 

Now you know the best lock pick training kits, available to buy in Australia, why not checkout some of our other guides on bestfive.com.au. 

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 by Rhys