Best Bulk Toilet Paper Deals (Reviews & Ratings For 2020)

If you’re wanting to improve your budget’s bottom line, so to speak, then buying in bulk is always a good idea, as long as you are indeed saving money by doing so. The only way to tell whether or not you are getting a good deal is by doing the sums.

Toilet paper is one necessity which can be bought in bulk. It is an essential item in the home – almost as essential some would say as water and power.

Many people obsess over it and will fret if they’re down to under 6 rolls in the house. Toilet paper is also surprisingly expensive and varied in what’s on offer.

I for one, have an Amazon order arrive at my doorstep once a month automatically ensuring I never run out of toilet roll. 

And this is an item which can be bought in bulk as it’s a non-perishable so it’s worth doing a bit of market research to find the best bulk buy to save money!

How To Choose Best Bulk Toilet Paper?

Firstly, you need to decide what your personal preferences in loo paper are. Some people can manage single-ply but the majority want at least 2-ply, if not 3, for comfort. 

Do you notice a difference between the brands which claim super-absorbency, or gentleness, or durability? And do you care about the environmental issues associated with toilet paper such that you’ll spend a little more to contribute to that cause?

Unfortunately, many of these considerations fall into the category of being unquantifiable in monetary terms and it’s left to the individual to place a value on them, but comparisons can still be done.

The Best Bulk Toilet Paper Deals

Below is a look at the best 5 bulk buy toilet paper grabs currently on offer at Amazon Australia. We’ve looked at the pro’s and con’s, done some sums and hopefully pointed you in the right direction.

It does need to be noted that the prices quoted in this article are subject to change at any time and you should confirm using the buy buttons. 

1. KLEENEX Complete Clean (45 Rolls)

best bulk toilet paper australia
  • Use with their Flushable wipes
  • Popular brand
  • Very affordable pricing

The Kleenex Complete Clean bulk buy we purchased was $19 for 45 rolls, that’s 42 cents per roll. The Amazon delivery charge would be quite expensive unless you spend a total of $39+ in the one order or sign up for Amazon prime. 

Kleenex has recently introduced a companion product, their Flushable Wipes, which they recommend being used with all their toilet tissue.

The cost of those hasn’t been factored into this review as it’s being assumed they are not an essential accompaniment to the toilet paper.

This is a 3-ply toilet tissue claiming to be at least 35% thicker than 2-ply toilet paper (that’s about the right percentage give or take).  It’s further claimed to be ultra-soft, strong and absorbent thanks to a unique ripple design.

The paper claims to be ethically sourced fibre with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. The paper is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and septic tank safe.

There are 90 reviews on Amazon and the consensus (over 80%) seems to be that this product is a good one, that it does its job well and the price is very good value for money.

There are some consistent concerns about it leaving residue paper ‘dust’ on clothing and the bathroom floor. Overall however it is a popular brand.

2. Quilton 3 Ply Tissue (45 Rolls)

  • Well established brand
  • Good reviews online

The Quilton 3 ply pack of 45 rolls is a bulk buy option and cost us $20.00, that’s 44.5 cents per roll. Again, Amazon charges a delivery fee (quite hefty) on orders under $39 so make sure you order two packs or signup for Amazon prime for free delivery.

The toilet paper from Quilton is branded ad as the paper that ‘loves your bum’. It has been a long-time good buy at other supermarkets but this price at Amazon is a significantly better deal.

The paper itself is a 3-ply tissue for added strength, absorbency and superior softness. It’s gently embossed and smooth and very lightly scented at the core of the roll.

The paper is sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources, is 100% biodegradable, flushable, septic and sewer safe. The manufacturer is Australian-owned.

Out of just shy of 100 customer reviews on Amazon 88% awarded this product 5 stars. The consistent comments were that there is nothing negative to say about Quilton toilet paper. Anyone who tries it tends to then be a loyal user because it is so reliable and well-priced wherever you purchase it.

3. Cottonsoft 2 Ply Tissue (72 Rolls)

  • High absorption rate
  • Optimum strength

Cottonsoft 2 ply 72-roll pack cost us $30. Each roll has 210 sheets and each sheet measures 11x10cms. The cost per roll is a little under 42 cents.

Attributes of this toilet tissue claim to be that its 2-ply structure is of optimum strength, resistance and has a higher absorption rate and that it's as 'soft and gentle as a cloud', and environmentally friendly.

 It also provides jobs for Kiwis (guessing that means our New Zealand neighbours) although the company claims to be Australian owned.

Environmental pros are that the tissue Is flushable (we’d assume all toilet papers these days meets that basic criteria) and is septic safe. It’ manufactured from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forest resources ie sustainable resources. It is unscented and is 100% biodegradable.

There’s not a lot more information about this particular brand of toilet paper. There are no customer reviews on Amazon or elsewhere.

4. Scott Comfortplus Tissue (24 Rolls)

  • More sheets per roll
  • Cheaper price

Scott Comfortplus is a single-ply toilet paper which comes in a 24-pack and cost us only $9.82, that's 41 cents per roll.

There are 231 sheets per roll (more than other brands). The advertising states that the rolls are ‘double rolls’ and that therefore you are buying more than what appears. But that is all a little vague and not explained any further.

The paper claims to have been tested for strength and to be ‘3X stronger’ - we are not told what it is stronger than. It claims to be a thick, plush paper designed for comfort and value.

Environmentally, the tissue is made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ‘responsible’ sources and is sewer and septic safe.

There are a few reviews of this toilet tissue which are not very positive, most stating that the roll is small despite the advertised ‘double roll‘ size and that the paper is very thin and unsatisfactory for the job it's intended for. 

You also need to remember that Amazon shipping is also only free if you spend over $39. Delivery on this item on its own (ie a spend of $9.82) would set you back $24.41 unless you’re an Amazon prime member. Hardly a bargain anymore.

5. KLEENEX Double Length (40 Rolls)

  • Affordable pricing
  • Extra long rolls

Another bulk buy opportunity from Kleenex is for their double-length toilet tissue which cost us $33.33 for 40 rolls. That's 83 cents per roll.

Delivery would be additional if purchased on its own so if you do choose this one then make sure you spend over $39 in the one spend.

Each roll has double the number of sheets as the normal 180, so we’re presuming that means the rolls are 360 sheets long. If that is true then the actual comparative price is likely to be around 41.5 cents per roll.

This paper claims to be at its best when used in conjunction with the Kleenex Flushable Wipes – sold separately.

The paper itself has a unique ripple texture for superior strength, softness and reliability.  It is hypoallergenic. The only claimed benefit of the double-length roll is that it reduces the time spent changing the roll so we can overlook that as a consideration on either side of the ledger.

Environmental claims are that it is not sourced from high conservation value rainforests. That it is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified – coming from responsible forest management sites.

In its favour are the positive reviews from a handful of satisfied customers on Amazon, but with no details, we are just noting this as a pro.

Which Toilet Paper To Buy?

Looking at prices alone the bulk buy toilet papers rank in the following order: Scott Comfortplus at 41c/roll; Cottonsoft 2-ply and Kleenex Complete both at 42 cents/roll; Quilton at 44.5cents; and Kleenex Double Length at 83 or 41.5 cents.

However, price alone is not necessarily the best determinant for value.

The best quality toilet paper appears to be the Quilton.  

It has the best customer satisfaction ratings by far and is still a very low price – only a few cents per roll above the Scott.

And looking at the reviews for Scott’s toilet tissue the recommendation would be to spend an additional few cents to buy the better paper. The other good buy is the Kleenex Complete Clean at 42 cents per roll.

The only possible negative is the comments that it tends to leave paper ‘dust' which would rank it second to the Quilton.

However, that being said, the Kleenex Double Length at the highest price per roll on face value may be the lowest in reality if the double size rolls do indeed mean that each roll lasts as long as a single roll of the other brands' rolls.

It has good customer feedback and may well be the best buy if the price per roll is discounted to take into account the larger size rolls, ie 41.5 cents per roll.

All of the toilet papers looked at seem to be pretty similar in terms of the environmental impact considerations, and comfort factors, except for the Scott single-ply which has a few doubtful claims around its thickness and its reviews are not good.

And another reminder about delivery charges by Amazon: if you spend less than $39 you will pay a fairly steep delivery cost so make sure you buy either more packs of the toilet paper you’ve opted for or join Amazon prime (for free delivery). 

Best buys? You probably can’t go wrong with Quilton and the Kleenex Double Length may be worth a try to see whether, in fact, the double-length rolls do last longer than the standard rolls sold by other brands.

Vicky Lane

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