Best Balaclavas To Buy (Reviews, Ratings)

The best balaclavas to buy online are designed to keep your face and neck warm to help prevent health-related issues, and make your outdoor adventuring as enjoyable, and as safe as possible.

The harsh winter may introduce some troubles for outdoor adventurers, issues such as frost bite, illness and skin irritations are serious concerns to prepare for.

There are a variety of types of balaclavas designed to suit the specific needs of your climate and chosen activity, such as wool, fleece, polyester and other windproof fabrics.

In summary, whether your skiing, snowboarding or participating in any sort of winter sport, it is essential to find the top picks for balaclavas to purchase online. We've provided a few options below!

Best Balaclavas

1. AIWOLU Balaclava

  • Warmer fabrics
  • Multi-function style
  • One size fits most people

If you’re needing to work outside or otherwise spend time outdoors in cold winter weather exercising, biking, skiing, dog-walking, etc a balaclava is the solution for keeping your entire head and neck warm. Balaclavas minimise the risk of minor skin irritations or more serious issues like frostbite.

The AIWOLU balaclava is made from a soft knitted cotton which is double layered for insulated warmth. It’s extremely comfortable and does not impede movement of the neck in any way.

The balaclava is long with a contoured design over the neck and shoulders. It can be worn as a full head cover or rolled up to be used as a cap or neck warmer.

You can choose to leave the face exposed for talking etc. Worn over the entire head, neck and shoulders it is a complete windbreaker and keeps everything except your eyes protected from the weather. It’s ideal as a mask underneath a motorcycle or other helmet.

The material is easy to breathe through so wearing it over the mouth and nose isn’t a problem.Because the cotton is elastic this is a one size fits all item. It’s available in black, grey and army green.

2. Ergodyne N-Ferno

  • Wind-resistant
  • Full coverage warmth
  • One size fits most

The N-Ferno 6823 balaclava from Ergodyne is designed for skiing and other mid-winter activities like working on construction sites and oil-rigs which expose the head and neck to the extreme cold, and therefore to not only discomfort but also to minor skin irritations as well as potentially to more serious issues such as frostbite.This balaclava is made from a warm Polyester Fleece which is wind resistant and lightweight for comfort.

The long, hinged design covers not only the entire head and face (except the eyes) but also the neck down to the shoulders. Because of the hinge, it can be easily transformed from outdoor to indoor wear, and rolled and adjusted to be worn in a variety of different ways, eg as a mask, neck gaiter/warmer, hat, etc.

The thermal fleece material used is well ventilated and also features a mouth vent so breathing with it covering the nose and mouth does not present any problems. The material is also extremely comfortable against the skin and doesn’t irritate.

Because the fleece is elastic this is a one-size balaclava which will fit most people, including young children. It’s also surprisingly very thin and lightweight and can easily be worn comfortably under a bike helmet or other hood or hat.

3. DIMPLES EXCEL Balaclava

  • Super soft warm
  • Premium fleece
  • For sub-zero weather

For the price, the DIMPLES EXCEL balaclava is a great buy for those bitter winter mornings watching the kids playing sports, walking the dog, or out in the garden working.

It’s also suitable for those who do construction or other work outside during the colder months. And for winter sports of course.

It’s super soft and extremely comfortable to wear. The hood is adjustable with drawstrings, and the covering for the nose and mouth is soft and is also held securely in place on the hood by drawstring and toggles. It’s roomy enough not to ride up when turning your head.

And it can be easily pulled down from your face when you’re indoors or otherwise not needing its cover. The length allows coverage of the entire face and down the neck to cover the top of the shoulders.

The overall design is fashion-oriented with fur trim and other features that remove the ‘bank robber’ look which so many balaclavas have! It comes in a one-size-fits-most for both men and women and children.

The fleece used is 100% Polyester but has the soft and comforting feel of real fleece. It can be hand-washed in warm water as per the instructions.

4. CUIMEI Balaclava

  • Wind-resistant fabric
  • One size fits most

Featuring vents for easy breathing and thickened fleece for comfort and warmth the CUIMEI balaclava is ideal for winter sports, outdoor work, and other activities in cold winter temperatures when the windchill factor is extreme and you need protection for your head, face and neck from the cold.

The lightweight fleece used has a high thermal retention to prevent the loss of body heat from your face and neck and to block the cold air from coming in, whether it’s windy or calm.The balaclava has a stitched vent over the nose for breathing and windproof panels cover the entire head, face and neck. The fabric has enough ventilation to prevent moisture build-up inside whilst wearing it.

It can be used as a full mask, an open balaclava (with the face exposed), a neck gaiter (scarf), hat or hoodie. It’s thin and light enough to be worn under a bike helmet or other hat.

It is a one-size product but suits men, women and children. The fit is a bit closer on the top of the head than many others, and soft around the ears.

The underside can sit comfortably over the mouth and nose or under the chin as preferred. The balaclava is hand washable.

5. SATINIOR 3-Hole Full Face

  • Traditional design
  • Designed for sports
  • Various colours available

With plenty of elastic stretch to fit most people comfortably (including children) the 3-hole full-face balaclava from SATINIOR is a kitted face mask designed to keep the entire head and face warm in the colder winter months.

Whatever you’re doing outside in those periods this mask will help stop the freezing temperatures cause you discomfort and skin irritation from windburn, frostbite, chapping etc.

The holes around the eyes and mouth are designed for ease of sight and talking but also as a safety feature for when you’re driving, skiing, cycling etc. The length provides ample weather protection, especially if it’s tucked into a coat or jacket.

The fabric used in the balaclava is a soft, comfortable and durable Polyester Cotton blend which can be washed (in accordance with the instructions).

It needs to be noted that the item can arrive with a light chemical odour from its packaging but that will disappear with an initial wash (again as per the instructions).

It has a good amount of stretch to make getting it on easy but with a fit which is nice but not overly tight. It also fits easily under a bike or other helmet or hat.

And it’s possible to wear spectacles, sunglasses or ski goggles with the balaclava as well.The balaclava is available in six colours – one to suit everyone.


Whatever your intentions for buying a balaclava in Australia, you really are spoilt for choice. The cheapest way to purchase one is to use the numerous online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Kogan. 

If you're looking for something to keep warm in the snow or simply something to use when playing sports such as airsoft, then you'll find a few of the best one's above, that are all highly rated. 

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