Best Air Humidifiers (Reviews & Ratings This Year)

Dry air can cause more problems than you think, not only in terms of your health, but in your environment as well.

Many unwanted conditions are brought on by dry air, particularly during the Wintertime, most commonly related to skin and congestion. These are evident signs that you need a humidifier in your home.

In addition, the structural integrity, appearance and longevity of your house and furniture can also be negatively affected by an overly dry climate.

However, in this list of the Best Air Humidifiers according to Australian reviews and ratings for 2020, we've provided a variety of options for adjusting the humidity of your home for a healthier climate. 

Best Air Humidifiers

1. Philips Air Humidifier (Room)

  • NanoCloud Technology
  • Two fan speeds
  • For rooms up to 38sq/m

Quiet and low maintenance the Phillips Series 2000 Air Humidifier is designed to moisten air molecules primarily for the reduction of symptoms of asthma and other respiratory issues and the elimination of bacteria.

Wooden furniture also lasts longer when the air is moist. Phillips uses their own NanoCloud technology which employs evaporative rather than ultrasonic techniques to add water vapour to the dry air which is drawn into the compact humidifier. The NanoCloud is more effective at reducing bacteria levels in the humidified air emitted.

The device emits air in a complete 360-degree distribution pattern, preventing wet spots on the floor or other surfaces. There is also less risk of white dust on furniture.

It has two fan speeds and a humidification rate of 250ml/hour on the highest speed. It’s best suited to medium-sized rooms up to 38 square metres, including bedrooms.

The water tank is easy to fill by removal or with a jug, and there is an Auto shut off function which occurs when the humidifier runs out of water.

The machine is extremely easy to clean and has no heating plate to cause scaling.The design is sleek and attractive to the eye in a white and oyster metallic finish. It measures a compact 25*25*34cm.

2. InnoBeta Air Humidifier

  • 3L tank capacity
  • Auto shut-off function
  • 8m remote control

The InnoBeta Fountain Cool Mist air humidifier can improve overall health and well-being by reducing dry skin, decreasing the effects of respiratory disease, decreasing the risk of catching colds and reducing the incidence of mildew. It relieves nasal congestion and breathing difficulties such as asthma.

It operates by controlling the humidity in a room to between 45 and 55 per cent, the ideal level for all of the above results.

The humidifier produces a steady fine mist of cool moist air. Adding a menthol, eucalyptus or other essential oil on the sponge in the aroma tray provided when needed can assist with particular issues.

The machine uses Ultrasonic technology which is whisper quiet. The airflow is 360-degree rotational for optimal benefits and reduction of wet spots.

A 3-litre tank provides all night or all-day comfort. The auto shut-off function ensures that there are no risks around the tank running dry. And the tank has an easy-to-fill opening which is also easy to clean.

Other features include a user-friendly LED display and interface with temperature, timer, and mist flow settings. There is a remote control which is effective up to 8 metres away. A blue LED night light suits a nursery setting.

The humidifier comes with complete instructions around use, safety and care, which are important to read and follow.

3. TaoTronics Humidifier

  • 4L tank capacity
  • Rooms up to 30sq/m
  • Ultrasonic technology

The Cool Mist air humidifier from TaoTronics is a large 4-litre ultrasonic home humidifier suitable for rooms up to 30 square metres.

Air humidifiers have been shown to improve the air quality within enclosed spaces and to thereby relieve symptoms of respiratory diseases and issues, nasal congestion, dryness of the eyes and skin, the spread of viral and bacterial infections, and even the cracking of wooden furniture.

A humidity level between 40 and 60 degrees is optimal.This humidifier uses ultrasonic technology and is therefore very quiet (<38dB).

A microporous cartridge filters the water in the tank from micro-organisms and odours.
Its large 4-litre tank will last up to 30 hours on the lowest setting, 12 hours on the highest. The machine will shut itself off if the water level runs too low.

The intuitive LED screen tells you the current humidity level and allows you to choose between three mist levels and to set the humidity level. You can choose to have a night light on or to turn on Sleep mode for darkness.

The humidifier comes with comprehensive instructions which should be read and followed. It’s important to note that this machine is not suitable for use with any essential oils, that the filters do need changing every six months, and that it should not be placed on soft surfaces.

4. ASAKUKI Humidifier

  • Smaller 1.5L tank
  • Lasts up to 20 hours
  • Super quiet operation

The ASAKUKI essential oil room humidifier is also a mood creator. You can use it to vaporise and humidify the air, scent the air with the beautiful aroma of your favourite essential oils and create an atmosphere with a range of light options.

Humidifying air is not only a great way to soothe the effects of respiratory conditions and nasal congestion, but it's also excellent for moisturising the eyes and skin and strengthening the immune system. Babies and young children tend to sleep better with a diffuse in their room at night.

Designed to accept essential oils it is ideal for treating illness by adding medicated oils or for creating atmosphere by adding other oils.

The seven muted colour light options add to the overall effect. This humidifier features a 1.5-litre tank which will cover up to 450 square feet and last up to 20 hours. The visible water level makes it easy to see when it needs refilling. And there is an auto shut off if the water level runs too low for safety.

The mist is adjustable to a range of levels controlled by a dial and is emitted in a complete 360-degree rotation to fill the entire space. The technology is extremely quiet (<15dB) so it won’t disturb sleep. 

5. De'Longhi Microdrop

  • Small 1.6L capacity
  • Up to 7 hours of use
  • Auto shut off feature

Air humidifiers for the home like this Microdrop from DeLonghi are an excellent choice for combating the problems associated with having the correct level of humidity in the air you breathe and live in. This is more important than most of us realist.

Dry air can dry out your eyes, skin and hair. More significantly it will worsen the symptoms of respiratory diseases, nasal congestion, sore throat and the spread of viral and bacterial diseases. Dry air also damages wooden furniture and can harm your animals and plants.

The Microdrop is a 1.6-litre humidifier which will last up to 7 hours. If the water level drops too low the machine will shut itself off automatically.

The machine will release a steady stream of sanitised steam which is devoid of micro-bacteria and odours, and which increases the humidity level of the room to an optimal level (between 45 and 50 per cent).

The technology employed sterilises the water in the tank before it releases it into the room. By releasing steam which is between 55 and 65-degrees Celsius it will raise the humidity to the optimal level of around 50%. The humidifying rate is 230 ml/hour.

Unlike some humidifiers, adding essential oils to the water of the Microdrop is fine so you can also enjoy your favourite aromas or use soothing medicated oils when needed.
The chimney-shaped design is intended to sit unobtrusively in any room it’s placed in.


Healthy home, healthy life is a motto often heard and ensuring you've got this can improve your health and wellbeing.

When choosing an air purifier in Australia, you're really spoilt for choice, although there's lots of models that are cheap imports. Be wary of cheap and inferior products and choose a reputable brand or model that actually works. 

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