Best Adult Party Games Australia (Buyers Guide)

Are you looking to spice up your next social gathering? Of course you are and what better way than with the best adult party games.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been entertained here at the office with these card games that brought us many smiles, awkward moments and down and out weird moments!

Add some alcohol to the mix and these games sure are set to add some flare into your evening.

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Best Adult Party Games

These Games Are For 18+

If you're under 18, please checkout some of our other articles instead. 

1. Freedom Of Speech Adult Card Game

  • #1 Social team game
  • Guess what's on the card
  • 400 funny cards, timer button
  • Highly rated online.

Wanna have LOL fun with your friends on that ever too frequent Saturday night when there’s literally nothing to do? Freedom of Speech is a fun drinking game a little like charades, just a little. Well, it’s a guessing game at least. But it’s all about words, dirty words.

The game is for 4+ players (the more the merrier, so to speak) divided into two teams. The aim of the game is for each team to win points (well, cards) by guessing the word on the card they’ve drawn from the pack of 400.

Guess the (dirty) word in the 60 seconds allowed and you keep the card. The first team to collect twenty-one cards wins the game.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is easy to learn the rules, very simple, but ever so hard to guess the words.

Once a card is drawn, one team member has to give clues to help the others guess the secret word clues but there are rules around that – no acting (here the similarity with charades ends), no rhyming, no pointing, no ‘sounds like’ … yeah, it’s tough! You have to wonder what that leaves don’t ya?

And all the while the 60-second timer is tickin’ away ever so fast and getting’ faster every second. Once the timer buzzes, that’s it. No card this time for that team. And, just to add insult, if you break a rule? That’s the end of your turn as well.

Freedom of Speech is a hoot but strictly adults only! The words are bad and definitely PGR! Some may even have you guessing and going to the urban dictionary for answers! That’s how cool it is!

The game comes with 400 excellent quality cards, a cool buzzer (batteries included!), instructions and an alternate game strategy just to mix it up a bit.

It really is loads of freakin’ fun to keep you amused while you have a few pale ales. The price is pretty cool too!

2. Hot Seat Party Game

  • Find out who your friends are!
  • Discover who knows you best
  • Includes 200 questions
  • 4-10+ players.

Hot Seat Party Seat is an adult game designed for sale to people over 17 years.

The game has a deck of 200 ‘Question Cards’. The questions are aimed at finding out secrets about the players, like “What’s at the top of my Bucket List?” – that’s a tame example btw!

The way the game is played is for each player, in turn, to sit (metaphorically) in the ‘Hot Seat’. They draw three Question Cards from the deck and choose the one which they want the other players to guess the answer to.

The other players then write the answer they think the player in the Hot Seat would give, trying to make the other players believe that the player in the Hot Seat wrote it.

The trick is to either know the real answer or know the Hot Seat player so well that you can make a really good educated guess and fool the others!

All the answers are read out anonymously and the player who guesses which answer was the Hot Seat player’s answer wins that round, and so on …

Now you’re probably beginning to see just how hilarious this game can be, or how utterly humiliating!

The trick to keeping friendships intact is to aim for the former and avoid the latter! And a word of reassurance? The game is not especially vulgar or confronting, take the word of real customers who have bought, played and now recommend it!

3. Pick Your Poison Card Game

  • Would you rather scenarios
  • 350 cards included
  • Combine with other editions
  • Mixed reviews online.

Pick Your Poison is a card game for 3+ players for adults aged 18 years and over.

The rules of the game are a little tricky and if you’re going to play it when drinking it’d be a really good idea to learn how to play before starting the session!

The overall aim of the game is in each round to win points by beating the Judge. That’s achieved by selecting the ‘better’ of two ‘Poison’ options after a process of card selection and ‘clarification’ and then picking by each player.

Scoring depends on who picked each Poison card at the end of the round, but basically the players win points only if they are in the majority to pick the ‘better’ Poison option at the end of the round. The Judge wins points if the players tie.

And there are five special House Rules which apply in certain circumstances.

The winner is the first player to reach 15 points.

Once you’ve learnt the rules this is a really fun game. The Poisons are all sorts of unimaginable scenarios like having to ‘try as hard as you like to hold every handshake as hard as you can for thirty seconds’ and other what you would rather do things. It’s great for game nights, especially with larger groups.

It’s very difficult to describe the hilarity that this game does engender – as well as competitiveness and energy. It allows all players to participate pretty much all the time, which is fantastic and unusual in large groups!

4. Cards Against Humanity

  • Party game for horrible people
  • Over 150 cards included
  • This is the original game
  • Addon packs available here.

Cards Against Humanity is a classic (strictly) adult game with some (terribly) inappropriate content, as its name suggests!

Developed in 2010 by a group of high schoolers and marketed with crowdfunded, the game took off and has been an international success.

The game is not competitive or complex, creative or difficult. It relies entirely on chance and is simply something to do until you’ve had enough, run out of food and drinks, or it’s time to go home!

The premise of Cards Against Humanity is that it is ‘a party game for horrible people’. It links up two cards in each round: a seemingly inoffensive question card (played by one person) and answer cards (from the other players) which are in effect punchline jokes for the questions.

Now without giving any examples, you can probably imagine just how this game may degenerate into bad taste and hilarity, especially with a few drinks on board! And bear in mind: there is no obligation on anyone to deliver an offensive punchline!

Now, of course, you’re going to become familiar with a limited set of cards so there are quite a few different editions and expansion sets out there now. This is base edition 2.0.

This game is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. It has been quite controversial and is not for everyone. Having said that, it’s pretty popular with those who love games nights and a staple in many games cupboards.

5. Midnight Taboo Game

  • Fast-paced party game
  • Includes 264 double sided cards
  • Race against the timer
  • Less R rated, more MA rated.

Midnight Taboo is a brand new version of the classic Taboo from Hasbro. This is an adult game and is recommended for players aged 18+. Certainly, any younger than that should be with parental guidance.

The rules are pretty straightforward. The game includes 264 double-sided cards, each of which has a ‘Guess’ word at the top followed by five ‘Taboo’ words listed underneath.

The player with the Guess card has to get the other players to work out what the Guess word is without them saying any of the Taboo words, or certain other terms.

To add to the tension and fun there is a timer (nice old-fashioned sand-glass type), a buzzer for when a Taboo word is used, and a score pad.

The idea is to keep flipping cards and giving hints as fast as you can to get the other players to guess as many Guess words as possible before the 60-second timer finishes.

The Midnight Taboo version of the game has some sexual, drinking and other inappropriate terms which is why it is more properly an adult game for mature people. It’s up to you how adult you want to be – just don’t say the Taboo words!

6. Cranium Dark

  • For people who want to act up
  • 400 cards + timer, clay & notepads
  • Hilarious, suspenseful gameplay
  • Mixed reviews online.

Cranium Dark is a new ‘adult’ edition of the earlier Cranium, a version of charades that’s out of left field! Imagine getting someone to guess that you have road rage by expressing the words only by tapdancing! Hmmm…is that even possible? Well, Cranium Dark is the game that puts something like that to the test.

The game puts together what it calls Cranium cards (eg Road Rage) with Action cards (eg tap dancing) and gets players to play charades with them.

No words allowed though! The players collect cards by correct guesswork. The aim is to collect seven cards to win the game.

The fun is in the action and the guessing. A lot of the Actions are outrageous, and the Cranium cards are supposed to be pretty adult in their content (reviews suggest that this may not be the case though).

If you’re not already a pretty relaxed and outgoing kind of personality you probably need a few drinks to get in the mood for this game but it certainly sounds like it has the potential for some fun.

Reviews of this game are admittedly mixed. It’s very simple in its concept and requires a certain ‘silly’ mood from all players. Charades are not for everyone, and that really is what this game is, but further out there. And it probably plays better with a younger crowd as well for those reasons.

7. New Phone Who Dis? Card Game

  • 100% offline txt msg game
  • Create the funniest thread
  • 500+ cards included
  • Not as funny as you'd think.

New Phone Who Dis? is a 100% offline game for the millennial’s​.

A game that can be played by 3 – 20 people, players compete to create the funniest (according to the ‘judge’) text message thread.

The actual play is similar to Cards Against Humanity in that there are two sets of cards: 240 x Inbox cards and 300 x Reply cards.

These get matched up by the players through the game to create hilarious text message threads. The laughs are not in such bad taste as CAH can tend to be but are still of an adult nature.

The actual play is a simple concept: each player has a turn to choose an Inbox card lay it face up. All the other players choose a Reply card and lay it face down.

The first player reads all the Replies aloud and picks the one they like best. The player who played that Reply keeps the Inbox card. The player to collect the required number of Inbox cards wins the game.

The fun is in the message threads. And it does seem from reviews that this game appeals more to the younger ages.


If you want to spice up a party or get together then you really need to get one of the best adult party games Australia has to offer. Until recently I'd only ever heard of cards against humanity, but as you can see there are many more entertaining games out there. 

Vicky Lane

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