Best [Jan 2023] Thermometers in Australia (Help Diagnose A Fever)

So you're in the market for a thermometer and you're not sure which one is the best or whether they really are all the same.

In Australia there is a wide variety of different vendors flooding the market with their own thermometers and most of them are very similar. As a consumer this can be tricky to find the one that offers the best reviews, ratings and consumer feedback.

Today we'll show you how to choose the best one and ultimately show you five of the top products you should consider purchasing. 

Due to coronavirus, a lot of the non contact thermometers mentioned below are currently sold out. You can still buy Braun 7 here

How To Choose A Thermometer

Regular digital thermometers use electronic heat sensors to record your body temperature and they can be used in the mouth, armpit or rectum.

Other options include digital ear thermometers, more commonly referred to in the health world as tympanic thermometers which use an infrared ray to measure the temperature inside an ear canal.

A mercury thermometer may also be an option but they are not widely used any more due to their fragile nature and the fact mercury is a toxic chemical.

Another option is a temporal artery thermometer which uses an infrared scanner to measure the temperature of the artery in the forehead.

Lastly if your child uses a pacifier then you may want to use a digital pacifier thermometer which involves the child sucking on the pacifier until the highest temperature is recorded.

The most common type of thermometer in Australia is the digital one and most of those featured today offer this functionality. Some offer a non contact option which is good for examining people other than yourself keeping germs away from your device.

To learn more about your options seek Mayo Clinic's advise.

You don't need to dig deep either, most of the recommendations on this list are under $50 which is perfect for any individual or family home.

Best Thermometers Australia

You can buy a thermometer from many different retailers and chemists such as Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, Chemist Warehouse and Kogan.

We found all our thermometers on which offers fast free shipping nationwide and an easy to use returns and warranty process.

1. Weallnersse Forehead and Ear

Best Thermometer Australia
  • 32 recall memory
  • Backlight flash
  • Use over 6 months+
  • Very affordable

This thermometer uses high accurate infrared technology to accurately monitor your body temperature, in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

You can either use the forehead or ear thermometer function to measure your temperature the easiest way.

This device is super simple to use with only 2 buttons- the on/off and measure buttons. The deviation of the temperature recorded is within 0.3 to 0.5 accuracy, with 32 memory reading recalls so that you can track your temperature changes over time.

When the device accurately measures your temperature, the backlight flashes to remind you that the measure is done.

The Weallnersse digital thermometer is great for the whole family, from newborns, toddlers, teenagers to adults. So, no need to buy different lenses or probe covers, saving you money.

A great feature of the Weallnersse is that on body mode, the digital thermometer can decipher whether you have a fever or not by lighting up the backlight in three different colours, like a traffic light system. Green for a normal range, orange for a slight fever and red for a high fever.

2. HOMFUL Infrared Thermometer

  • Ear & forehead
  • Use over 6 months
  • 32 memory reading
  • Very affordable

This digital infrared ear and forehead thermometer is suitable for individuals of all ages, whether it be a baby or an adult.

The HOMFUL provides dual mode with a forehead and an ear thermometer. The ear mode is about to measure temperatures by detecting the infrared heat that is emitted from the eardrums. This mode is most suitable for infant over six months.

On the other hand, the forehead mode is able to detect temperatures for all ages via your forehead easily.

This digital thermometer is quick and easy to use. All you need to do it press the Head/Ear button, and you can get your recorded temperature in a matter of seconds.

If the temperature recorded exceeds 100.4℉/38℃, the HOMFUL will warn you by the red backlight and soft beep sounds.

If the beeps are too loud, you can put the thermometer on silent more to read the temperature of your sleeping baby in darkness.

You can store up to 32 readings to keep track of your health and the readings are displayed in either Fahrenheit OR Celsius.

3. Weallnersse Forehead No Contact

  • No contact design
  • Use over 6 months
  • Fever alarm setting
  • Measure room temp

For a state-of-the-art digital thermometer that is guaranteed to monitor your fever level accurately, choose the Weallnersse Infrared Forehead No Contact.

This digital thermometer is super easy to use, just hold it in your palm and click the button using your index finger to accurately measure your temperature.

The temperature can be detected within 5 cm, so no need to disturb your baby while they’re asleep. When on body mode, the thermometer can judge the severity of the fever by adjusting the colour of the backlight accordingly like a traffic light system.

Green is for a normal temperature range, orange for a slight fever and red for a high fever. So, no need to wonder which range your temperature falls into when the LCD backlight is here to make things easier.

To top it off, the Weallnersse has a fever alarm setting that makes a warning sound if the temperature is above normal range.

Although the Weallnersse Infrared is primarily used to measure the forehead temperature of babies and adults, you can take a surface temperature of basically anything, such as your pet or even a room.

All you need to do is change the device to object mode to measure the temperature of a room.

4. Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520

  • Most advanced features
  • For over 6 months
  • AgeSmart technology
  • Quick 1 second reading

For a reliable and robust digital thermometer, the Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer is the pick of the crop!

This thermometer is used and recommended by doctors due to its professional accuracy. With AgeSmart™ technology, the colour-coded display of the thermometer gets rid of the need to guess what the meaning of the temperature is, not only when used on yourself but your whole family.

All you need to do is use the AgeSmart button to select the appropriate age setting and take a temperature.

The screen works according to a traffic light system: green denotes no fever, yellow screen means a moderate fever and red signals a high fever.

An added bonus is the quick 1-second reading so you don’t have to disturb your sleeping baby.

The Braun patented ExactTemp™ pre-warmed tip technology ensures the most gentle and professional recording experience by minimizing the cooling effect of the tip inside the ear canal, guaranteeing you accurate measurements every time you use the digital thermometer.

Combined with the unique positioning, the light and sound of the thermometer ensure you are recording temperature from the most optimal position, guaranteeing you the best accurate results possible.

5. AUTOLOVER Temperature Gun

  • No contact design
  • Super fast readings
  • 32 memory recall
  • Very affordable

Get ahead of being sick this winter with Autolover Temperature Gun Non-Contact to track your temperature.

This digital thermometer is multi-functional where it not only measures your body temperature via your forehead, but the surface of an object such as your fridge, coffee and milk and measure your pet’s temperature with animal mode.

The readings recorded are super-fast with a measuring time of 0.5 seconds and accurate with a discrepancy of only ± 0.2℃ (0.4℉).

The backlight of the LCD display helps you decipher whether the temperature recorded is within normal range with the use of a traffic light system. Green denotes a normal temperature range, orange as a mild fever and red as a high fever.

The beauty of the Autolover is that it is non-contact where the temperature can be detected within 5 cm distance making it more healthy and convenient as you may measure different people and wouldn’t want any cross-contamination of illness.

As the Autolover can save up to the latest 32 measurements, you can keep track of your measurements but also the whole families. All you need to do is hold the digital thermometer in our palm and press down on the button using your index finger to measure.


Looking after your health is important and if you're getting a fever you can self diagnose yourself or your child before venturing out to the doctor. A thermometer is something every household should have given how affordable they really are. 

We found the Weallnersse Forehead and Ear to be the best thermometer we could buy combining reliability and affordability. 

Jill Saunders

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