5+ Best Hollywood Makeup Mirrors In Australia

Bring a bit of Hollywood to your bedroom, with the best Hollywood makeup mirrors available to buy in Australia, with fast delivery.

What makes a mirror Hollywood? Well it's those lights around the side of the mirror, that remind you of the films and shows you've been to see. 

It's every girls dream to have their own Hollywood style mirror, and today we're looking at 5 of the best ones we could find online with impressive reviews. 

Offering various sizes, there's something for every budget. Plus you could even make your own mirror with some LED bulbs and super glue (see #5)! But take the hassle out of the process and buy a pre-designed Hollywood mirror. 

1. Maxkon 18LED Makeup Mirror

  • 80 x 60cm w/ 18 lights
  • 3 different colour styles
  • Stand or wall mounted

This mirror measures 80 by 60cm and comes adorned with 18 LED lights. The LED lights have 3 different colours: warm yellow, cool white and natural daylight.

Additionally, they have a life-cycle of 50,000 hours. This is a smart item, with a control panel where the colours and brightness can be adjusted. 

Thanks to the aluminum chassis, this item is made to last despite heavy use. The suction mirror has great reflective properties. This product can be mounted on the wall and has an adjustable bracket. Small accessories can be attached to the bracket, providing convenience.

A magnetic mirror with magnifying qualities is included. This product is lightweight, coming in under 10kg. This makes it ideal for placing on a desk or vanity.

This LED mirror is frameless with silver linings. For style, it is best suited with modern rooms and homes. A 12V adapter is provided to plug into any outlet.

2. Beautme 14LED Hollywood Mirror

  • 60 x 50cm w/ 14 lights
  • 2 different colour options
  • Stand or wall mounted

This vanity mirror from BEAUTME measures 600 by 500mm, ideal for both small and large rooms. There are 14 LED lights with colours ranging from daylight white to warm yellow. These LED lights are designed to last for years, with a 50,000-hour limit.

There is a smart panel where brightness and colour can be changed. There are separate sensors for turning off the product and adjusting different settings. Adjustable settings allow the right tone to be set for applying makeup and taking photos.

The mirror is supported by an aluminum frame. It can be positioned on a table or be wall-mounted. This product is only 5kg in weight which also makes it easy to transport between places.

This item is ideal for both use in professional settings or just at home. It is available in either silver or black, which best suits modern designs. It can be plugged in and utilised right away.

3. Voyage Hollywood Style Mirror

  • Portable 35x50cm, 12 lights
  • Touch mounted dimmer 
  • Great stocking filler idea

This product comes in at 4.5kg and measures 35 by 50cm. It comes with 12 LED lights which have different colour settings. Specifically, cool white, daylight and warm yellow are available. These LED bulbs are long-lasting with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

There are touch switches for on and off settings and to set the colour. There’s a dedicated dimmer to modify brightness levels.

The reflective mirror is held up with an all-metal chassis for stability. Thanks to the frame and stand, the mirror can be tilted 360-degrees to offer flexibility during makeup applications. This feature is ideal for getting close-ups and taking selfies.

This product can be placed on a bedroom table or positioned in the bathroom. It makes an ideal gift for any aspiring make-up professional or teenager.

This vanity mirror is available with either black or white frames. No batteries are needed as it plugs into any outlet.

4. LUXFURNI Hollywood Vintage Mirror

  • Portable 41.5x51cm, 12 lights
  • Systematic off-feature
  • Designed for stand use only

This product is fitted with 12 LED lights that can last up to 80,000 hours. These bulbs have different colour settings to suit any selfie or makeup application. From warm tones to white ones, a variety of hues are available.

This product comes in at 3.5kg and measures 41.5 by 51cm. Thanks to the lightweight property, it can be positioned on top of any table or vanity without concerns.

There are sensor switches near the base. These allow the brightness and colour to be adjusted. Additionally, there is also a systematic off feature after 15 minutes to save electricity.

The reflective mirror is supported by a hardwood frame. It makes a suitable gift for any makeup lover.

This product can be used at home or in a professional workplace. It is available with a white coloured frame. It is compatible with a power bank or USB insert.

5. VIPMOON Vanity Mirror Lights

  • Create your own Hollywood mirror
  • 10 LED bulbs with adhesive
  • 5 different lighting colours

These mirror lights are be used to decorate mirrors, tables or any other surfaces. This pack includes 10 LED bulbs which can be stuck on surfaces for added functionality and style.

Joined together, there is a total length of around 500cm, enough to fit around most mirrors and vanities.

There are 5 colour settings available, namely from 3200k to 6500k. These different colour options help in creating the right tone for any makeup style or selfie.

Additionally, these lights have 5 dimmable settings for both low-light and high-light options. There is a separate control panel on the cable to adjust settings.

The lights can be stuck on any surface using double-sided tape, which comes included with a purchase. This pack makes a great gift for any makeup enthusiast.

These bulbs are completely white in colour when turned off, which suits any modern home or workplace. Any device with a USB outlet is compatible.

Why buy a Hollywood vanity mirror? 

Think Instagram selfies, amazing photos and something a little bit different to those boring mirrors your friends have got! Add a touch of class to your bedroom or bathroom with these Hollywood vanity mirrors. 

These mirrors dramatically improve the light when doing your makeup. They make great Christmas presents for makeup lovers, and some of the portable units we looked at above can even be taken on holiday, for more Instagram snaps and makeup on the go. 

How much do Hollywood makeup mirrors cost?

Here in Australia you can spend as much or as little as you want when it comes to buying a Hollywood mirror. Some websites out there are offering mirrors for as much as $500 - $1000 but these are often the same models that you'll find on Amazon and have been rebranded. 

You can pickup a bargain from the import options on Amazon as well as sites such as Crazy Sales, MyTopia etc. Often on these sites you won't pay much more than $100 - $200 depending on the size. 

How to mount a Hollywood mirror?

Usually you'll receive a free-standing mirror that can be used as a standalone unit. However the best way to mount your mirror is flush against the wall and if possible hiding the cables either using a cable cover or a duct in the wall (may be expensive to do). 

Portable units will always come with a free-standing mount and can be adjusted to your own size or angle depending on your individual needs. 

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