Best Espresso Machines in Australia (For Home or Office)

So you’re looking for the best espresso machines Australia has to offer in 2019? Well you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve reviewed five of the very best espresso machines to suit every budget.

Whether you’re looking for something for your office or to use a home, these five offer different options for all.

While some espresso machines can go for thousands, we’ve looked at more budget friendly ones that would suit the average Australian or small business owner.

How To Pick The Best Espresso Machine?

Espresso machines are usually divided up into two main categories which include:

  • Steam-Driven Espresso Machines: Produces strong coffee ($cheap).
  • Pump-Driven Espresso Machines: Makes real crema-topped espresso.
  • Pump-Driven Espresso offers two further types including semi automatic and super automatic espresso machines which are the top dollar ones you’ll likely find in physical coffee shops.

    If you’re starting out and buying your first Espresso machine then I’d recommend you purchase a semi-automatic machine as you’ll get too taste real Espresso.

    If you’ve got deep pockets then a super automatic is definitely the easiest to use but the most expensive you’ll find in the Australian market.

    Best Espresso Machines Australia

    1. Breville Barista Express

    • Fresh beans to espresso fast
    • 250gm on board grinder
    • Makes up to 25 cups
    • 1600W heat, 2L tank
    • 18 adjustable grind settings.

    Use the Barista Express Espresso Machine by Breville for barista quality coffee every single time.

    The Barista Express allows you to grind fresh beans just before extraction and the interchangeable filters to give you an espresso in under a minute. With the 250g built-in grinder, you can make up to 25 cups which makes it ideal for rush hour coffee making.

    An added benefit is the dose-control grinding feature of the Barista Express that has an integrated conical burr grinder grinds beans on-demand, giving you the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste with your favourite bean roast.

    Combined with the grind size dial, you can control the grind size regardless of the type of bean you’re grinding.

    With 1600W power, the Barista Espresso gives you a faster heat up.

    This works with the digital temperature control heat water at the exact temperature required for delicious coffee, ensuring the most optimal espresso extraction.

    No need to drink burnt coffees in the morning anymore!

    To top off all the great features of the Barista Express, you can create latté art with the micro-foam milk texturing. The steam wand delivers hand texture micro-foam milk that enhances the flavour of your coffee.

    Voted #1 best espresso machine Australia has to offer.

    • Consistent great results
    • Sleek, compact, durable
    • High water capacity
    • Hot water dispenser
    • Minor pressure problems

    2. Breville The Infuser

    • Thermocoil system
    • 15 bar Italian pump
    • Dedicated hot water sprout
    • 1700W, faster heat up
    • Flexible shot control.

    Ensure that every cup of coffee is the best by using the Infuser Espresso Machine by Breville.

    This espresso machine pre-infuses ground coffee with a low water pressure before extraction, expanding the grinds gently before increasing to high pressure.

    This is guaranteed to give you a more even extraction, producing a balanced consistent espresso flavour.

    The Infuser Espresso combines the four key elements of café quality coffee in order to make the best cup of coffee for you every time.

    The first element is the precise dose where the infuser has a 19-22g capacity for full flavour, giving you a rich and full-tasting cup of coffee every morning.

    The second element is the temperature with is controlled with precise digital temperature control (PID) that sense and minimises any fluctuation during extraction, giving you the perfect coffee at the right temperature.

    In order to create a creamy textured coffee, the third element of pressure comes to play.

    The Infuser uses low–pressure pre-infusion and a 9-bar extraction pressure to evenly soak and expand the ground coffee.

    The final element of steam with the manual steam wand finishes off your milk into a silky-smooth micro-foam, making it perfect for latte art.

    3. Breville The Oracle

    • 2 cappuccinos in 90 seconds
    • Hands free grinding
    • Access to Club Oracle
    • Dual stainless steel boilers
    • Rich full flavour.

    Become a barista in the comfort of your own home with the Breville Oracle Espresso Machine. The Oracle has the capacity to make 2 cappuccinos in only 90 seconds– saving you precious time in the morning before heading off to work.

    It is able to achieve fast and tasteful coffee results by being the world’s first automatic manual espresso machine that brings true café quality in the comfort of your own home.

    The Oracle has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing, making the difficult parts of manual espresso a whole lot easier!

    The built-in integrated conical burr grinder automatically grinds your favourite coffee beans, doses and tamps 22g of coffee straight into the portafilter.

    You can then precisely extract your espresso by adjusting the coffee strength milk texture and temperature to suit your taste. Because this is adjustable, everyone who uses this machine can personalise their coffee to their liking.

    You can also store up to eight different coffees with their own unique picture and name so everyone in your family can store their perfect coffee ready to use in the morning.

    To top it off, the self-cleaning steam wand textures milk to your preference and gives you barista style micro-foam.

    4. Breville The Dynamic Duo

    • Dual boiler espresso machine
    • Flexible shot control
    • Dual 15 bar Italian made pumps
    • Adjustable dose control grinder.

    If you’re after the ultimate espresso machine that is guaranteed to give you café quality coffee, then the Breville Dynamic Duo Espresso Machine is the one for you.

    This machine is perfect for the at-home barista who requires precise control over coffee making to take your beans to the next level.

    The Dynamic Duo has precise and repeatable extraction where the dual Dual 15 bar Italian made stainless-steel boilers and heated group head boil water to the precise right temperature you are after in order to maximise the flavour potential of your beans, with every shot you extract.

    The Dynamic Dup comes with amazing features such as a digital LCD display that allows easy programming and a shot clock during the extraction.

    Combined with the flexible shot control, you’re able to choose between one shot, two shots or manual control over how much espresso is in your mug for the perfect cup of coffee each time.

    Breville’s conical burr Smart Grinder™ Pro is built into Dynamic Duo to allow you to choose between ‘cups’ for French press or Filter, and ‘shots’ for Espresso, giving you the right dose for your morning coffee.

    5. DeLonghi La Specialista

    • Sensor grinding technology
    • Smart tamping station
    • Active temperature control
    • Highly rated online.

    With every form of technology becoming smart, DeLonghi is keeping up with their smart espresso machines with the new La Specialista Espresso Machine.

    The La Specialista precisely grinds beans with the sensor grinding technology. The internal grinding sensor picks up the grind setting and always gives you a consistent dose of freshly ground coffee whether it be a single or double espresso.

    Another smart feature is the smart tamping station that consistently tamps the optimal temperature to achieve the perfect espresso. Due to the smart nature of the tamping, no need to deal with mess as the grading and tamping is done inside the station.

    In order to brew, a stable brew temperature must be achieved, and the built-in active temperature control does just that. It maintains a consistent water temperature during the coffee brewing to ensure it pours into your cup at the perfect temperature.

    The independent heating systems for the coffee and milk ensure that you can prepare one right after the other without wasting any time.

    Whether it be any of the three pre-set coffee recipes, you’re guaranteed perfection with every pour into your favourite mug as the La Specialista is designed to allow for taller cups up to 12 cm in height.

    How To Use An Espresso Machine?

    Before you start using your espresso machine we recommend that you buy an espresso grinder, beans, demitasse cups and water.

    Do not buy bottled spring water. Use filtered instead.

    Next follow these quick start tips:

  • Pour cold filtered water into water chamber and secure lid. One ounce of water per shot is the recommended amount.
  • Put the coffee basket in the holder and lightly pack the coffee.
  • Remove any grounds on the top of the filter and place filter in the machine.
  • Place mug under the spout and turn on machine. Once water is heated it will be forced through the grounds.
  • When the foam starts to go while, remove mug.
  • The best espresso has crema on the top of the coffee.

    How To Clean Espresso Machine?

    Did you think you could just buy an espresso machine and not clean it? Like many things in life, espresso machines need love and attention and you’ll need to clean your machine regularly.

    If you buy a super automatic espresso machine then it may have an auto clean feature which will help with daily cleaning however semi-automatic’s do not have this feature.

    You need to clean your machine after every shot, daily and weekly.

    Cleaning regularly will ensure your machine lasts a long time.


    When it comes to choosing the best espresso machines for your home, small office or store it can be difficult to choose the right one. Hopefully we've given you some insights into which model you should buy. It appears to us that Breville is one of the most well known brands in this industry. 

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