5+ Best Colour Blind Glasses For Aussies To Buy

Colour blind glasses contain a special tint that helps people with colour deficiencies see more clearly. Contrary to popular believe, these glasses don't cure colour blindness, but do help people who are colour blind to experience a wider range and depth of colours than they would without the help of the glasses.

Today we'll be looking at the best colour blind glasses Australia has to offer. After extensive research we only found two companies worldwide that offer high quality glasses, with worldwide shipping to your door here in Australia. 

Colour blind glasses contain special optical filters that help to eliminate various wavelengths of light which in turn allows the person wearing the glasses to perceive colour more clearly. 

Best Colour Blind Glasses

If you're looking for the best colourblind glasses Australia has to offer, here's some of the most popular, well reviewed products available to buy from reputable colourblind glasses providers. 

1. Pilestone Sport Edition

  • A,B,D Lenses
  • Very affordable price
  • Great for outdoor adventure

The Pilestone Sport Edition glasses in black are the perfect accessory for active activities. The glasses are covered in titanium and coated with UV-resistant properties.

These glasses are optimised for use at the beach, in the park or any natural landscapes. Thanks to Pilestone’s high-quality light-filtering technology, these glasses ensure that you get to see a full range of bright colours clearly. Whether you want to look at the reds and oranges of a sunset, or glance at greenery, these glasses are the perfect option.

The Pilestone Sport Edition can also be safely worn inside the house. Nonetheless, these glasses still ensure that you maintain normal vision.

These glasses are available with A, B and D lenses. Those with moderate red-green colour-blindness should opt for A, while people with more serious deficiencies should go for B. Additionally, people who suffer from extreme protan colour deficiencies should choose D lenses.

2. Pilestone Wayfarer Classic

  • A,B,C,E Lenses
  • Good for low light
  • Advanced UV-resistance

The Pilestone Wayfarer Classic is the most popular product among dedicated customers. It is designed for everyday wear.

These glasses are coated with titanium for maximum durability and protection against the sun. Additionally, it also has advanced UV-resistance to block out damaging rays.

Whether you’re in a classroom or at the beach, the Wayfarer Classic ensures that you remain stylish while viewing the world in gorgeous colours. Despite the UV protection, these glasses can also be worn in low-light environments.

These glasses come with A, B, C and E lenses with black frames. People with mild deutan and protan colour deficiencies should choose A lenses. On the other hand, those with more serious cases of red-green colour-blindness should go for B.

C lenses can be picked up by those with gentle deutan and protan colour blindness, and want to wear this exclusively indoors. Lastly, E lenses are only recommended for those with tritan colour deficiencies.

3. Enchroma California CX3

  • The original colour blind glasses
  • Constructed from Trivex®
  • Various lenses available

The EnChroma California CX3 is catered for people with red-green colour blindness. It is integrated with EnChroma’s highly acclaimed lens engineering which allows a full range of colours to be seen.

The lenses are constructed out of Trivex® which is a light and durable resin material optimised for glasses. There is a coating of anti-UV to screen against both UVA and UVB rays.

Additionally, the lenses are protected by a layer of scratch-resistant varnish to ensure that the glasses last for years to come.

EnChroma lenses are designed to decrease reflections by over 90%, thanks to the anti-reflective cover. Additionally, the top coat consists of a superhydrophobic varnish which allows for easy maintenance of the lenses.

These glasses are optimised for comfort thanks to the saddle bridge nose pads. Stainless steel hinges also complete the look and maintains the integrity of the frames. It comes in black, and with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. 

4. Pilestone Aviator Classic

  • A or B Lenses
  • Great for summer days
  • Very affordable price

The Pilestone Aviator Classic with black frames is an option that allows you to view the whole spectrum without comprising on style.

These lenses are designed for light-filled environments, whether that be in the house or in the outdoors. Thanks to Pilestone’s light-filtering technology, these lenses ensure that all vivid colours can be fully appreciated.

These glasses have a protection layer, designed to prevent damaging UV rays from seeping into the eyes. They are also coated with titanium for maximum durability and scratch-resistance.

Although these glasses are engineered for sunny areas like the beach and park, the quality does not decrease when using them at home.

The Pilestone Aviator Classic can be purchased with either A or B lenses. People with red-green colour-blindness that is less severe should opt for A. On the other hand, those with more intense red-green deficiencies may appreciate the darker hue of B lenses.

5. Enchroma Atlas CX3 Sun Titanium

  • Titanium frame upgrade
  • A and B Lenses
  • High quality brand

The EnChroma Atlas CX3 is an upgraded version of the timeless aviator glasses. These glasses are designed for use in light-filled environments, and suitable for any outdoor activity.

The lenses are engineered from EnChroma’s highly reputable research facility in Berkeley, California. They are made out of Trivex®, which is a high-quality and durable resin. This resin is compact and lightweight, perfect for the eyes.

As these glasses are optimised for outdoor spaces, there are wonderful features in place for durability and protection. There is an anti-UV coating which blocks out both UVA and UVB rays to prevent vision damage. Additionally, glares are reduced due to the anti-reflective layer.

These glasses can be safely thrown around thanks to the scratch-resistant coating. A waterproof top coat seals everything in place, and ensures that dust can be easily wiped using a microfiber cloth.

The frames are available in gunmetal and gold. There is a 2-year warranty available.

How to choose the best colour blind glasses?

During our research we found there are only two reputable brands that offer high quality colour blind glasses, that have worked for many different people across Australia.

There's many inferior unbranded products floating around on Amazon and eBay, but to get high quality glasses you need to choose a brand that offers the latest technology. This (unfortunately) comes at a cost.

However, while EnChroma was one of the world's first companies to launch colour blind glasses, there's a new cheaper alternative called, Pilestone which is nearly 3-4x cheaper than EnChroma, without compromising on inferior technology. 

Pros & Cons of colour blind glasses

Let's start with one of the most negative aspects, all colour blind glasses are not equal, and may not be effective for everyone. This is why most companies offer a 60 day money back guarantee allowing you to test them out, and return them for a full refund if they don't work. 

Like normal glasses, everyone may have a slightly different issue, so while glasses can definitely help, they aren't a magical cure or solution. 

Most colour blind glasses are designed to correct red and green colourblindness, which can leave few options for those with blue and yellow colourblindness. 

The pros are that until recently these glasses were very expensive and often out of reach for most people, being around $500+. Now with brands such as Pilestone you can pickup colour blind glasses for as low as $100 (USD) + delivery to Australia. 

Colour blindness is (unfortunately) a permanent condition that cannot be cured, but these glasses can definitely provide a level of correction that will change the lives of those wearing the glasses, that they actually work for. 

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