7+ Best Circular Saws In Australia [Buy Online]

Circular saws, also known as circ saws or Skil saws are popular with DIY'ers, and professional tradies a like. Today we'll be checking out the best circular saws Australia has to offer. 

The term comes from the circular motion of the spinning steel toothed blade, used for rip cuts or bevel cuts. With a range of different models, often categorised by their blade diameters, and portability, there's something for every budget. 

We've taken some of the biggest brands in the business, also incorporating some lesser known brands that can do the exact same job, at a fraction of the price, giving you multiple options. 

Below our top 7 picks, you'll find a buyers guide for help choosing the best circular saws. If you're unsure what to look for, we'll give you some ideas to consider. 


The Dewalt Circular Saw DCS391 is equipped with a 3700 RPM motor that is suitable for heavy-duty work. There is also a no-load speed of 5150 RPM. The blade has a diameter of 6 ½ inches and is carbide-tipped, which minimises the risk of tear outs when cutting.

The blade has a maximum depth of 55mm when cut at 90 degrees and 42mm when cut at 45 degrees. With this machine, there is a bevel range from 0 to 50 degrees. This saw is made to last, with a magnesium base.

It is also optimised for comfort, with a large rubber handle. There is an electronic motor break and lock off button to provide extra safety.

This product has a power output of 760 Watts and runs on lithium slide-on batteries for cordless use. It comes in a black and yellow finish. 

2. Makita DHS680Z 18V

The Makita DHS680Z 18V has a 165mm blade and is fitted with a brushless DC motor with a no-load speed capped at 5,000 RPM. There is a bevel capacity of up to 50 degrees. When cutting at a 50-degree angle, a depth of 37mm can be reached.

There is a maximum depth of 41mm and 57mm for 45 degree and 0-degree cuts respectively. This saw has ‘Automatic Torque Drive’ which matches the power to the thickness of the load. It has a magnesium base for durability and an exhaust port positioned at the back.

This is a small saw which runs on li-ion batteries. There are 3 LED lights for the battery, ‘Automatic Torque Drive’ and ‘Overload Protection’. It is available in a grey, black and blue colourway and has a 3-year warranty. This saw is targeted towards both professional and home use.

3. Ryobi 18V One+ 165mm Circular Saw

This cordless saw comes with a 165mm carbide-tipped blade that allows a cutting depth of 52mm. The cutting depth can be modified accordingly as well to cut wood at every size. Additionally, there is a bevel angle ranging from 0 to 56 degrees, catering to all types of work.

There is an in-built dust port, useful for taking care of sawdust and preventing mess on work sites. This saw is powered by a brushless motor which allows quicker and more efficient cutting in a short time span.

This product is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and can handle casual home repair work. As it belongs to the Ryobi ONE+ line, ONE+ batteries can be inserted and used. It comes in a green, black and silver colour scheme. There is a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

4. Bosch Cordless Circular Saw PKS

This is a small and compact saw which is suited for home repairs and professional use. There is a no-load speed of 3,8000 RPM and a 150mm blade. With cuts at 90 degrees, a depth between 0 and 48mm can be reached.

When cutting at 45 degrees, there is a range of 0 to 36mm, depending on what the user wants. This is a beginner-friendly product, with grips at both the front and the back to allow a wide range of control over where cuts are made.

There is a dust extraction port which is designed for attachment with a vacuum cleaner to take care of sawdust.

This saw requires lithium batteries to run. Additionally, there is a Syneon Chip embedded which maximises the running time of the machine. This product comes in a green finish and a 3-year warranty.


The CS1250L-XE is fitted with a 1250W motor which provides a no-load speed of 5300 RPM. This speed is sufficient to work with many surfaces, including wood. There is a 190mm blade which can be used to cut a maximum depth of 50mm at 45 degrees.

There is a laser which helps guide the user with precision, ensuring that cuts are always straight and not crooked. Perfect cuts are further supported by the depth setting which can be set to accommodate various load types.

This product also has a dust port, making it easier to clean up the workplace. This is a wired saw, requiring no batteries. It comes in a bright orange colourway. This machine is recommended for handymen and DIY enthusiasts alike. It is best for cross-cutting, as well as regular bevel cutting.

6. MATRIX 20V X-ONE Brushless Mini

This saw is powered by a brushless EC motor which delivers a no-load speed of 4000 RPM. The blade attached is 115mm in diameter and has a maximum cutting depth of 43mm at 90 degrees and 28 mm at 45 degrees.

Additionally, there is a bevel cutting range from 0 to 45 degrees. This product is incredibly small and can be easily controlled using one hand. There is a large hand, optimised for firm grip attachment and control.

There is an in-built dust extraction hose, making it easy to clean up the workplace and take care of sawdust. This saw runs on batteries and has on-the-go convenience due to the compact size.

Due to the small blade size, it is ideal for small repairs and DIY projects around the home. This product comes in a black and green finish.

7. Rockwell 1200W Circular Saw

This saw from Rockwell is fitted with a 1200W motor and has a cutting range from 0 to 45 degrees. The cutting angles can be easily modified using the base plate. There is a 7 ¼-inch blade which spans 185mm in diameter.

The large blade size, coupled with the motor makes cutting down wood fast and easy. This product also has a dust extraction port which can be fitted to a vacuum cleaner to clean up sawdust.

The handgrip is designed to firmly attach to the contours of the hand to allow a wide range of movements. There is a safety blade lock to easily swap out blades.

It is recommended that this saw be used for regular home repairs. It is best suited for cutting timber. It is a corded saw, requiring no batteries. This product comes in a dark blue, black and silver colourway.

How to choose best circular saws?

What features should you actually consider before purchasing a circ saw? Well below you'll some of the main ones, this will give you a better understanding as to which model is right for you. 

Power Source

You can buy electrical or wireless models. We have to saw that electrical powered by mains power is definitely our preferred option but isn't very portable. If portability is important you'll probably want to get a couple of battery packs and ensure they always charged. 

Battery powered circular saws are much less powerful, but are still capable of most tasks. They do however have smaller diameter blades and battery life isn't great! If you're kitting out a home workshop you should definitely go for a corded option. 

Motor Power

You'll see many brands touting their power however bigger isn't always better. It may seem like a bigger number is capable of more, but it's just an indication of how much power is available. The power at the blade will always be much less than the motor power. 

A better way of looking at power is to checkout the transmission which is the rotations per minute and this is the maximum speed your saw can cut at. 


Most of the circular saws we've featured above are capable of cutting at 4,000 - 6,000 RPM. I wouldn't worry too much about 1,000 RPM if your ideal saw cuts at only say 5,000 RPM, especially if you're a DIY or home user as it's barely noticeable. 

Professional users and tradies will definitely want something top end that offers helical gears that are capable of producing or reducing the torque. You won't find this on all circular saws, but if it's an option I'd definitely choose a model with this feature. 

Blade Lock

You'll obviously want to change the blade at some point. How you actually change this is the feature to consider here. Some saws will require you to take a screwdriver out, while others (and the preferred option in my opinion) is the lock nut system. 

You simply need an allen key or spanner and you can swap a blade within seconds. Some units also come with a shaft lock lever for better access too, which allows you to loosen or tighten the blade lock system. 


The handle should be comfortable and while most units cater towards right and left handed users some models have poor reviews for left handed users. You'll want to check the unit and ensure it offers a high level of comfort and support. 


You'll want to choose a model that offers universal blade sizing which will allow you to buy a range of blades without having to pay a premium for the branded blades of the saw you bought. 

The most common circ blade sizes are: 16mm, 19mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm. 

Most blade manufacturers include large bore holes and you can then include a brush to reduce the hole size if your saw offers a different size. 

There are two types of blade, Steel which wears out fast but is often the cheapest, or Tungsten carbide, which is much stronger and lasts a lot longer.

If it's an option and you get free blades included, Tungsten carbide is a much better option. 


You can expect to pay around $50 to $250 for a good circular saw in Australia. Some models can be upwards of $750 with commercial grade equipment costing well over $1250. 

The models we've looked at above are affordable and designed for DIY and consumer use, but tradies will definitely be able to use them too. 

Where to buy the best circular saws?

You'll be able to pickup a good deal on online retailers such as Amazon. Other stores include Bunnings, Mitre 10, Total Tools, Sydney Tools, United Tools, Just Tools and Tool Mart.

Smaller stores include: 

  • Melbourne Tool Sales
  • The Tool Store
  • Trade Tools
  • Discount Trader
  • Blackwoods. 

You know the best circular saws Australia has to offer, so checkout these other guides:

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