Best Bicycle Travel Bags (Top Picks For This Year)

If you're going to travel with your bike, it is imperative that you find yourself the best bicycle travel bag to keep it safe and to make your trip as smooth and easy as possible. 

If you're bike is going to be stacked amongst a pile of luggage in the back of the car, or handled by luggage handlers at an airport, it needs that extra layer of protection for your peace of mind.

Proper casing and protection is ensured with a bicycle travel bag, as every design boasts different features to keep your bike undamaged, functional and as intact as possible.

Instead of scouring the market yourself, allow us to suggest 5 possible versions of a bike case to suit your needs and your bicycle.

The 5 Best Bicycle Travel Bags

1. VENZO 210D Nylon Carry Bag

  • Lightweight design
  • Two hand straps

This soft nylon travel bag for your bicycle from VENZO is a lightweight expandable bag which sits comfortably on your shoulder with a shoulder strap and a shoulder pad.

Or you can carry it as a hold-all with the two hand straps. Another method of travelling with the bike in the bag is to leave one wheel uncovered and roll it along the pavement.

The bag comes with four Velcro ties for securing the wheels to the bike for packing into the travel bag. The shoulder strap also feeds through the bike inside the bag before becoming a secure strap outside the bag.

Weighing only 92g (2lb), it measures 150L x 70H x 25D cms (60L x 27.5H x 9.8D inches) and because it has no padding, it expands to fit all bikes. It also folds into a small saddle bag when not in use.

It features a strong zipper to ensure reliability and a long life.

There is a handy YouTube video which demonstrates how to prepare and pack your bicycle into the bag. As you will see, it’s quite a simple process of removing the wheels and securing them to the bike using the straps provided with the travel bag.

2. HOMYL Bike Travel Bag

  • Good size for small bike

The Homyl bicycle travel bag is made from high-quality, strong and durable polyester which is also waterproof. It’s a very handy accessory for when you need to carry your bike on public transport or leave it in storage somewhere, protected from theft, the weather, humidity and dust.

Excellent for taking your bike on a plane trip with you. Great for protecting your car from scratching when you’re taking your bike with you. When not in use it can fold into a small case which can be easily attached your handlebar or carrier rack.

This bag is suitable for 14” to 20” folding road bikes. Its dimensions as a bike storage bag are 33 x 12 x 13 cm (13 x 4.7 x 5.1 ins). When folded up into an empty carrying case it measures 80 x 20 x 30 cm (31.5 x 7.8 x 11.8 ins).

If you’ve never used a bicycle travel bag before you may find the numerous YouTube videos on how to pack your bike in a bike bag very helpful until you become accustomed to it.

The Homyl bike bag is available in either black or blue.

3. CamGo Folding Bike Travel Bag

  • 1680D nylon material
  • Thick and durable design
  • Waterproof

Travelling with a bicycle can pose quite a few problems for the uninitiated. Whether it be on a bus, a train or an aeroplane it can be a challenge until you discover the convenience of a bike travel bag, designed for exactly this purpose.

The CamGo folding bike travel bag allows you to pack your bicycle into a manageable case for easy storage in a plane’s luggage hold, next to you on other forms of transport, or in the boot of your car. You can also carry it on your shoulder if you are walking with the bike.

When not being used as a bike carry bag it becomes a handy buggy bag for carrying other items with a versatile handle which can be used as a shoulder strap or to attach the bag to your handlebars or bike frame.

The CamGo only fits 26-inch bikes. Its measurements are 130L x 82W x 25H cm (51.2L x 32.3W x 9.8H ins). Folded into a round buggy bag it measures 43L x 28D x 5cm (16.9L x 11D x 2 ins). It weighs a light 1.75kg empty.

The bag is made with high-grade 1680D nylon which has been thickened for strength and durability. The interior material is non-woven with high tensile strength against tearing abrasion.

The entire bag is wrapped in a high-density webbing for added strength and extended life. When fully unzipped the bag becomes a completely flat mat and can be used as a picnic blanket or rain cover.

4. Huntvp Bike Travel Bag

  • Good size for small bike
  • Shoulder carry straps
  • 600D polyester material

Designed to carry 14 - 20-inch folding bikes, the Huntvp folding bike travel bag is an excellent accessory for those times you need to carry your bike on public transport, in your car or on foot.

It also solves the problem of how to pack your bike when you want to take it with you on an aeroplane trip. And it’s great when you’re wanting to store your bike and protect it from the weather, dust and moisture. With an adjustable strap, it can be carried on your shoulder.

The bag has two sizes: for 14-16” bikes it measures 74.93L x 44.98W x 65H cm (29.5L x 17.71W x 25.59H ins). For the larger 20-inch bikes it measures 86L x 33W x 69H cm (33.86L x 13W x 27.17H ins). It weighs only 1.36kg when empty.

The material used to manufacture this travel bag is high-grade durable 600D polyester. It has its own sturdy carry bag which can be used as a bag in its own right.

The zipper is sturdy and the straps which the bag comes with are adjustable for easy use. And if you completely unzip the bag it unfolds into a handy picnic mat.

5. ChengYi Foldable Bike Travel Bag

  • 1680D nylon material
  • Thick and durable design
  • Waterproof

Suitable for folding bikes up to 26-inches the ChengYi bike travel bag is ideal for travel on planes trains and automobiles! And on foot. And in your car. And for storage. There are so many occasions when you might use this handy bicycle accessory.

Made from lined 1680D heavy-duty polyester, the bag is durable and waterproof.

The dimensions of the bag when holding a bike are 130 x 82 x 28 cm (51 x 32 x 11 ins).

When empty it folds down into an extremely compact size which is easy to carry and pack into a backpack or other strap onto your bike. 

Although designed for folding bikes up to 26-inches you could probably fit a larger bicycle into the bag by removing a wheel and possibly the handlebar.

The bag comes with two adjustable straps and two carabiner straps for easy packing of the folded bike and carrying over the shoulder. The bag has padding on one interior side for protection against tearing and abrasion of the bike frame from the wheels.

The bag comes with its own carry bag which can also be used as a handy storage case in its own right.


When it comes to choosing the best bicycle travel bags, you're really spoilt for choice. There's many different brands and models out there that offer protection for carrying your bicycle on your next adventure.

If you're looking for a cheap travel bag then you should consider the VENZO 210D which offers an affordable budget friendly price, with space for a 26" road bike.  

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