Simcorner Review: Buy Prepaid Sim Cards

Today, we will be looking at which is a prepaid travel SIM card provider with locations across the world, with their head office located in Australia and New Zealand that allow you to purchase sims before you fly, for use on your holiday. 

  • Prepaid sim cards
  • Buy before you fly
  • No ID required

SIM corner provides a solution that didn't exist a few years ago. As a keen traveller myself, whenever I was travelling overseas, I would first have to make a stop at a local SIM card provider at the airport or at the local shopping mall to buy a sim card.

This was time consuming and problematic as you didn't know, which was the best company in the country you were visiting and you didn't know how much it was going to cost or how much the data was actually going to last for. If you've ever been to Thailand or other places in Southeast Asia, you will know that, tourists always get a raw deal on data. 

This can be problematic as the speeds may be different or inadequate to what is actually being advertised to get you to buy the SIM card. 

What Is Simcorner?

This is where simcorner comes in. They have a network of suppliers around the world, offering SIM cards from countries that travellers will be visiting and you can purchase these SIM cards in Australia or New Zealand, before you fly! 

They have a wide grasp of different countries that they support, each offering prepaid sim's that come with 8 or 16 days of access with around 4-12GB of data. with SIM cards working in. ​

You can choose a specific country such as India, or you can choose a multi sim which will work in a range of countries such as this one, that works in 12 Asian countries.

Why Use Simcorner? 

The main benefit to using SIM corner, aside from purchasing a SIM card on arrival when you get to your destination, is that they offer a facility whereby the SIM card will only start working from the date of travel. That means you simply enter your date of arrival in your chosen country and on that day you pop in the SIM card and away you go.

The other amazing feature is that you do not need to provide any passport or identification documents, and once the SIM card has lapsed or has expired, then you simply throw this SIM card away. Try buying a sim card overseas and they'll scan your passport! 

Simcorner Downsides

There are a couple of downsides to their service but in my opinion it's nothing major. The first is that you cannot top up the SIM cards. So if you are going a way for two or three weeks and you can only purchase a an eight day SIM card for that country, you will need to purchase two SIM cards.

Simply enter the date of arrival with the first SIM card.

And then eight days later enter the date for the second SIM card. If you manage to use all the data within the first eight days, you cannot move the date forward or backwards. So ensure you are fully aware of what amount of data you've got and don't use it all up.

Another downside to the SIM cards is often you cannot make calls but be sure to check the sim card you're purchasing as some do offer this, while others don't. 

Most of the SIM cards that they provide do not offer any calling whatsoever. So you will need to use WhatsApp or any of the other popular social media applications to stay in contact with your friends and family, or to contact local travel agents in the country you're visiting.

Your SIM card does come with a mobile phone number, which you can receive local calls on as this doesn't cost you or the other caller any money.

However, it's not guaranteed to work from callers outside of the country. So be aware that you are most likely purchasing a data only SIM card in most cases. 

SIM corner started as an Australian company and managed to partner with some of the world's largest mobile telecommunication providers to take the hassle out of international travel for Australians and New Zealanders. They do this by offering country and region specific prepaid SIM cards that are ready to go before you even get on the plane. However, to activate the SIM cards, you will need to be in the country of your destination.

About Simcorner (Background)

SIM corner heard all the shock stories of travellers getting stung with huge roaming fees charged by Australian telecommunication providers such as Optus and Telstra or Vodafone. The days where you need to quickly turn on your device to find out your GPS location or where you are on the map, and then end up having a huge bill on your return are over. 

As I mentioned earlier, you no longer have to find a local travel SIM on arrival or get stung at the airport by buying expensive SIM cards that fail to deliver on the value that they promised.

Simcorner has been featured in a wide variety of news websites and he's definitely the number one provider of paid SIM cards in Australia.

Whether you're heading overseas to Asia or any other country for that matter. They've got SIM cards that you can use by partnering with companies such as DTAC, which cover most parts of Asia. Your SIM card can work in multiple countries. Just makes sure when you choose the right SIM card during the checkout process.

When you purchase a single country SIM, it is actually quite affordable, but as you go on just multiple countries, that price does increase. Sometimes it can be cheaper to actually purchase a SIM card in the country that you're visiting.

However, it's a question to ask yourself, time versus money. If your time is valuable and you want to get out and explore and don't want to deal with the hassle of purchasing a SIM card on arrival, then buy a sim before you leave.

Definitely spend the extra couple of bucks purchasing a SIM card from Simcorner.  

Simcorner Review (Personal)

I have personally used them countless times throughout my many years travelling around the world. They are great in that they offer an affordable package and make sure to tell you how much data you're going to get, how fast the connection's going to be and where it does or does not work.

Some places in Asia, for example, don't have cell phone coverage from certain providers. This is evident in countries such as Thailand and India whereby a local provider has the full coverage to certain regions, so your coverage may not be as great.

They provide instructions and tell you how to use the SIM cards.

I always buy this Thailand sim card. You get 30GB of data in 15 days for 680baht. That's a huge saving on the airport prices where you get about 7GB for the same price. 

Just make sure you've got an unlocked phone. If you're leasing your phone from Optus or Telstra, i.e. you don't own it yet, or it's not a lease to own, you may not be able to insert another sim card, so be sure to check.

A good tester is to put a friend's sim into your phone (if they use a different provider) and if it works, Simcorner will work too.

Simcorner Delivery Rates

Simcorner offer two different shipping methods, depending on how soon you need your SIM card. If you purchase the express shipping, you can normally expect your delivery within that one to two business days after they have sent it out. Even the free standard shipping normally comes within a five to six working days. Express costs $6.95. 

I've used this company many times now, and I've had absolutely no issues every single time. The SIM card has worked as soon as I've placed it in the phone and turned it on at my destination, I haven't had to provide any passport details or any identification documents, which usually internet service providers actually ask for.

I would recommend checking out Simcorner and if you are looking for finding the cheapest deal, we have actually created an article on the cheapest prepaid travel sim card providers in Australia, so be sure to check that one out as well.

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys