5 Best Shark Cage Diving Locations Around The World

Do you have what it takes to get in the water with some hungry great white sharks? If so then you might want to have some protection, in the form of a cage. 

Today we're looking at the best shark cage diving locations around the world. There's many places so we've narrowed it down to the top 5. 

So pack your bags, take your favourite travel pillow, your underwater camera and book your flights and start a thrilling adventure cage diving with sharks. 

Best Australia Shark Cage Diving Operator

You don't even need to leave Australia to go cage diving with sharks. Located in Port Lincoln, South Australia (a few hours from Adelaide) you can join Calypso Star Charters who offer daily shark cage diving and sea lion diving tours. 

It's the only place you can cage dive with Great White Sharks in Australia.

1. Gansbaai, South Africa

  • Operators: White Shark, Apex
  • Tours: Daily

A fishing town in Western Cape, South Africa, Gansbaai is famous for huge population of white sharks. There are over 100 different species of these fiercest predators while the total amount of species of sharks known in the world is about 400.

The place is referred to as the “great white shark capital of the world”.

The reason for the variety of marine life in Gansbaai is in mixing of two currents: warm from Indian Ocean and cool from Atlantic.

Those who come to Gansbaai have all the chances to meet face-to-face with the white shark and to have a thrilling experience of a lifetime.

Cage diving with great white sharks has been the main visitors’ attraction of Gansbaai since 1995. A lot of TV documentaries about sharks have been filmed in this location. During winter months you can even witness sharks hunting.

2. Tiger Beach, Bahamas

  • Operator: Blue Iguana
  • Tours: Daily

The second only to great whites, tiger sharks are the most dangerous in the amount of recorded fatal attacks on humans.

Dense population of this species lives off the reefs near Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama. The beach got its name after the shark but not only that species live in the waters with vast amounts of coral.

Those who come here to cage dive have an opportunity to have a glimpse at nurse shark, Caribbean reef shark or lemon shark.

Based in the Bahamas since 1960 the pioneer of shark diving, Stuart Cove, was an instructor for the filming. His diving center on Bahamas has become one of the most famous among those who want to experience underwater adventures.

3. Farrallon Islands

  • Operator: Great White
  • Tours: Daily 

Farallon's are the group of islands off the coast of San Francisco. The waters in this area have underwater shoals, that’s why the islands are sometimes referred as the Devil’s Teeth. 

This area has a wide variety of marine life and protected as a part of National Marine Sanctuary. The Farallon islands is a National Wildlife Refuge.

Great white sharks cross these waters while making a lengthy trans-pacific migration starting on July. From July to November is the best period to visit the Farallon islands to get the chance to see the sharks. The great whites are hunting sea lions and elephants in these waters until January.

The area is also popular for those to want to see killer whales. The temperature of the water off the islands is about 10 degrees so it usually clear that is ideal for cage diving. 

4. Galapagos Islands

  • Operator: Multiple 
  • Tours: Liveaboards 

The archipelago of Galapagos islands is part of the Republic of Ecuador. The waters in the area have amazing marine life with dense variety of population of sharks, including whale sharks, dusky, hammerhead, and also referred to the islands Galapagos sharks.

It’s worth to mention that around 17% of species in the waters off Galapagos are unique the these islands. Those who come here for cage diving, have an opportunity of being face-to-face to the most scary sea predators and also have a glimpse at other marine creatures sea lions and elephants, schools of tuna etc.

5. Guadalupe Island

  • Best Operator: Nautilus
  • Tours: Daily & Liveaboard

Divers coming to Guadalupe Island, located 150 miles off the Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, get the opportunity to see the most dangerous sharks in the amount of recorded fatal attacks on humans: the great white shark.

It’s a volcanic island with rocky cliffs. The waters in the area have amazing marine life. According to the counting done by the local diving company in the small bay in these waters the amount of individual great whites is about 300.

So one can imagine how many sharks can be counted in the open waters. No doubt those who come here to experience cage dive with sharks are guaranteed to have the thrilling adventure.

 This place is very popular among American divers as one can easily get there from California. The waters here are rather warm and the water is clear with 100 feet visibility.

The great white sharks here are one of the biggest. One can also see great colonies of elephants seals. And the luckiest can witness the great white sharks hunting the elephants. Here in this waters there was the biggest shark ever filmed. 

James Hunter