10+ Best Secret Santa Gifts For Men Under $50

So it's come to that time of the year again when all the pressures of secret Santa are keeping you up at night, finding something useful, personalised to prove you know them and within the budget.

Even a small budget, such as $50, can go a long way and is more than enough for an awesome secret Santa gift for your male colleague, friend, relative or significant other. 

But with so many ideas and options out there for you to choose from, picking a functional, practical and amusing present you know he will love, is bound to add to the myriad of Christmas stresses.

There's no need to worry! We've provided some inspiration for presents that won't break the bank and are suitable for men. Keep reading for 10 products ranging from pub quizzes to beer buckets.

Best Secret Santa Gifts For Men

1. DIY Sound Sensing Robot Kit

  • Price: $39.99 
  • Build a sound-sensing robot
  • Soldering iron included

Looking for a really good Secret Santa gift for Dad or a work colleague? Or something to fill a Xmas stocking for your curious boy or girl? The DIY Sound Sensing Robot Kit, complete with Soldering Iron, is simply amazing!

This kit contains detailed instructions and all the parts they’ll need to build a robot and to learn about circuitry and electronics at the same time.

The kit contains a real soldering iron which is powered by a USB cable. It’s quick to heat up and cool down, and has a safety shut off function.

Once complete the robot will be able to move to the sound of a clap or other loud noise. Cool!

2. Fake News or Not?

  • Price: $24.99 
  • Fun party game for trivia lovers
  • Good for 2-8 players

Board games are always popular gifts for kids and adults alike, and this one, Fake News Or Not?, is a definite winner.

The name of the game, inspired by President Trump, is to guess what news story from around the world is true and which is not.

Some of them (and there are hundreds of them) are pretty whacky and you’d never believe they’re for real! But that’s what makes this game so much fun.

See if you’re better than Trump is at picking the Fake News story!
With 16 cards and 8 tokens, you can play with two to eight players (recommended for age 12 and over).

3. Inflatable Beer Bucket

  • Price: $29.99 
  • Ideal for camping, picnics
  • Giant 45cm heigh stein

What to get a man for a Secret Santa Surprise gift?

The perfect man cave accessory: the Inflatable Beer Bucket!

Shaped like a giant beer stein when fully inflated (it even has a handle) this is a great way to keep stubbies and other drinks nice and chilled in warm weather whether in the said man cave or at a picnic or Barbeque.

Standing over 40cm tall the cooler holds plenty of bottles and cans, including taller wine bottles.

This is a fun novelty idea which also folds down into a light and compact parcel for easy storage.

4. Search History Game

  • Price: $39.99 
  • What's in your search history?
  • Optional drinking rule

In this internet age, we all have browser search histories that we may not really want our friends to know about, at least not all of it!

The Search History Card Game takes advantage of that and, when played as a party drinking game, it can really get everyone ROFL-ing!

The idea of the game is very simple: there are cards with incomplete phrases (ie the end of real search questions) to prompt players to write down what they think the most believable beginning of the search question would have been, then convince the other players that their guess is the correct one.

If you do convince them you win the points. The answers are real questions, and some of them are cute, some are funny, and some are downright crazy, making you wonder who would make that search! This is a fun family game or an adult drinking game, whichever you like.

5. Handheld Retro Gaming Console

  • Price: $39.99 
  • Includes 150 retro games
  • Impressively gift packaged

Remember all the old games before the internet took over and gaming became really serious?

Retro is in fashion and gaming consoles from the past are always popular – the Handheld Retro Gaming Console is a silly but really fun way to enjoy the old-style games (150+ of them) in a compact retro design console with a modern LCD screen. Enjoy Tic tac Toe, Connect Four and so many more 8-bit games.

The game is battery-operated (3 x AAA – not included) so will fit into your bag or pocket quite easily for fun on the go.

This makes a brilliant gift for anyone who was a teenager or older in the '80s!

6. Pelican Pong Party Game

  • Price: $24.99 
  • Great for the whole family
  • Catch the ping pong balls

What can you do with a few ping pong balls and some pelican bill masks? Have a hilarious game of Pelican Pong with your family and friends or help your child’s birthday party along with one.

The game comes supplied with 16 ping pong balls and two pelican masks which strap on to your face and have a large bill to catch the balls in.

The idea is to try and get your balls into the other person’s bill. They have to catch as many of them as they can. OR you change it around the other way.

Heck, just make it up as you go along. Whichever way you play you’re in for a whole lot of silly laughs!

7. Boganology Monopoly

  • Price: $29.99 
  • A bogan version of monopoly
  • Good for 2-4 players

Oh, if you love to laugh at bogans and adopt their slang then you’ll love Boganology, the bloody rippa of a board game which’ll have ya in stitches as you let rip with all ya inner bogan.

You’ll be wearin’ thongs with tongs and spendin’ ya Child Support on weed as ya try to win this game.  Boganology is a fun twist on the classic game.

Roll the dice and move your bogan around the board, buyin’ stuff and lendin’ them to ya mates when they land on your place.

And if you’re asking ‘What’s a bogan?’ chances are you are and won’t get the point of this game! 

8. Mini Retro Arcade Video Games Machine

  • Price: $44.99 
  • Includes 240 retro games
  • Great novelty gift idea

Were you a teenager in the '70s or '80s and addicted to arcade video games like Pacman? Or in front of the TV with the console playing the original video games? If so you’re going to love this Mini Retro Arcade Video Games Machine.

With 240 games in a funky retro machine complete with joystick and buttons and LCD screen, this will have you hooked again. The only thing missing is that you don’t need coins for this.

This little machine is pre-loaded full of nostalgic full-colour games, with the A and B buttons and the joystick with full sound effects. It will all come back to you as you start to play.

This is a battery-operated game (3 x AAA – not included).

9. Complete Pub Quiz

  • Price: $31.99 
  • Over 7,000 questions
  • Sleek faux whiskey tin

Featuring 700 trivia questions (and answers) on all sorts of topics in ten different categories, packaged inside a fun whiskey style gift tin as a prize, the Complete Pub Quiz is a great gift for any man as a Secret Santa or other occasion.

Everyone loves a trivia night, especially with a group – the larger the better. Giving this as a surprise is a great excuse for organising a pub quiz night with his mates from work or the sports team.

The game includes the question cards, answer sheets, and the instructions. It suits anyone 14 years and over.

10. LED BBQ Meat Fork

  • Price: $29.99 
  • 8 digital settings
  • Ideal for meat-loving BBQers!

A perfect Xmas gift for a man who loves to host a barbeque, the Maverick’s LED BBQ Meat Fork Thermometer Timer is a digital meat thermometer which will help him to cook all his meats to the perfect level of done-ness every time.

It has eight pre-programmed temperature settings and a timer. All he has to do is ask what his guest likes and he can set the thermometer and leave it in the meat till the timer buzzes that the meat’s done.

The LED light makes the readings easy to see at night or under a BBQ hood. And it’s made from food-safe stainless steel and ABS plastic.

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