Best Rajasthan Tour Operators For Australian Travellers

At the heart of India's exotic natural environment, colourful culture and iconic history, is the 342,239 square kilometres of land known as Rajasthan. 

Get lost in the bustling streets, art and architecture, with the best Rajasthan Tour Companies, you'll be immersed in the real India, elephants, palaces, ruins and more.

Experience the splendor of major tourist attractions and the unknown gems in hidden corners, these amazing touring travel companies will envelop you in native Indian life.

Rajasthan is one of India's most popular tourist attractions for a reason, and it's diverse culture offers and abundance of new and exciting experiences.

These top of the line tour companies will ensure you are making the most of your trip.

How To Choose The Best Rajasthan Tour Operators?

Travelling in India is different to other countries. You definitely can purchase package tours with travel sites such as G-Adventures or Intrepid Travel, but the best way to travel Rajasthan on a budget is to choose a local Rajasthan tour operator, and below we've listed our top 5. 

Most of these operators offer the same services and tours. Their websites are often very similar, each claiming to offer the best tours and sights. 

Ultimately you can do whatever you want to do, stay wherever you want, eat whatever you want and they'll accommodate you. Effectively most are 'tour drivers' and you'll be paired with a driver who'll take you everywhere, whenever you want. 

Additionally when you visit world heritage sites such as the Taj Mahal, they'll arrange (at an additional cost) the tour guides for you. 

1. Rajasthan India Tour Driver

  • Highly rated on Tripadvisor
  • Local business, owned by Vinod
  • Custom or itinerary tours
  • Passionate drivers

Rajasthan India Tour Driver is a tour company that provides tours and travel services in Rajasthan and North India. We personally used this company for an 8 night tour in December 2019 and they offered a flawless service, payment via Paypal before we landed and a Whatsapp contact. 

They endeavour to provide a comfortable and enjoyable journey that runs smoothly and showcases the best of India with many breathtaking and unimaginable memories made along the way.

From wildlife sanctuaries to deserts and palaces, these tours are unique and unparalleled in their ability to provide an unforgettable experience that you will be talking about for years to come.

Tours are perfect for family holidays with children, small groups, friends, couples, and independent travelers including women travelling alone.

Itineraries can be tailored to any plan or budget, so they are perfect for those wishing to base their entire trip in the region or simply as a day trip to slot into your current travel plans.

On offer are Day Trips & Rajasthan Tour Packages, Day City Sightseeing Tour Packages, Car Rental Services, Private Tours and Tailor-made tour packages in every Indian state, Taxi and Deluxe Coaches around Rajasthan and North India, Jeep safari in Ranthambhore National Park, and Elephant Safari at Amber Fort Jaipur.

Whether you are an adventure seeker or after a more relaxed style holiday, this tour company has something for everyone and will create a personalised travel experience that will not disappoint.

Customers can easily book online or email or for further information. 

2. India by Car and Driver

  • Various tours available
  • Day or multi-day tours
  • Highly rated online

India by Car and Driver is an Indian tour company with offices located in India, USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand. They offer competitively priced tour packages of the Indian, Sri Lankan and Nepalese regions that provide memorable experiences and unforgettable scenery. Car rental services and hotel bookings are also available at low prices.

Car rental services offer more than just cars; customers have the option of travelling in a tourist bus, mini bus, normal bus or regular car so that groups of all sizes are catered for.

Customers can receive a no-obligation quote easily and for free by calling, emailing or visiting in-store. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with trained, professional staff on-hand to answer any queries or concerns efficiently.

Customers can search tours based on location or interest in order to narrow the options to find exactly what will sate their travel taste buds. On offer by interest are tours focusing on heritage, culture, leisure, religion, wildlife, Taj Mahal, food or the beach.

Popular tours include India’s Golden Triangle which is a well-travelled route in India that visits cities Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Bike and train tours are also available.

Tours can be tailored to suit the needs of customers so that certain attractions, cities or activities are included in the tour. All vehicles have air conditioning and drivers speak English to ensure there are no communication issues. 

3. Rajasthan Tour

  • Wide range of tours
  • Highly rated online
  • Day or multi-day tours

Rajasthan Tour is a tour company based in Jaipur, India. They offer tour packages travelling the Indian state of Rajasthan. Tours vary in duration and can be tailored to suit customer preferences. Guides are available and speak English to assist with communication during the tour.

Different activities and experiences are able to be incorporated into the tours and include elephant activities, shopping, safari, and much more. Whole tours can focus on elephant experiences where travellers can tame the elephants, wash them, have lunch with them, and swim with them.

This tour also includes hot springs and a water slide so is perfect for fun-loving travellers looking for a unique holiday experience.  Numerous attractions are also able to explored on each tour such as palaces, water parks, halls, forts and of course, entire cities.

Travellers will experience all India has to offer in the way of culture, religion and tradition, and be able to tailor their tour package to ensure they are exploring the areas of India they have interest in as well as partaking in exciting activities like festivals and parties that are unique to the Indian region. 

Accommodation also varies for each tour in order to suit customers and can include hotels or camping. A 5-star camping experience is available at the Sam Sand Dunes Desert Safari Camp which includes desert camping, all meals and drinks, a camp fire experience with music and dancing, camel rides and sightseeing. 

4. Rajasthan Tour Package

  • Wide range of tours
  • Highly rated online
  • Day or multi-day tours

Rajasthan Tour Package offer exactly as their name suggests: tour packages of the Indian state of Rajasthan. A popular tourist destination, Rajasthan is a cultural oasis perfect for tourists to discover the traditions of India and immerse themselves in a world of glorious architecture and history.

Travellers can explore a plethora of palaces, lakes, temples and cultural monuments as well as travel through great deserts and cities.  Tours offer camel safaris, dune bashing, elephant rides, boating on Lake Pichola, and much more. Tours can be tailored to suit the preferences of travellers including number of travellers.

Travel packages on offer include Golden Triangle tours, life in Rajasthan tours, cultural and heritage or royal and religious tours of Rajasthan, and budget tours. While jam-packed days may be preferred by some travellers, others can opt to have free days where they just relax and explore what the region has to offer on their own terms.

Tours vary in duration in order to suit all traveller needs. There are specific weekend tours on Rajasthan available that allow travellers to get the most out of the area in a short space of time. This tour explores the palaces, forts, architecture and landscapes of the region including the Thar desert.

Tours can be made affordable by selecting budget options in place of more expensive choices such as budget hotels and restaurants instead of 5-star options. This allows the tour to be open to those of all budget ranges. 

5. Amazing Rajasthan Tours

  • Wide range of tours
  • Highly rated online
  • Day or multi-day tours

Amazing Rajasthan Tours is an Indian tour company that offers quality tours through the Rajastahn and North Indian regions. This includes the cities of Delhi, Swaimadhopur, Vrindavan, Agra, Udaipur, Jaipur, Pushkar, Mount Abu, Shivpuri, Bikaner, Gwalior, Sonagir and Khajuabo.

Travellers will experience the beauty and culture of the region and travel through picturesque villages and amazing scenery, meeting wonderful, friendly Indian people.

Tours can be tailored to suit the preferences of the travellers so those wishing to experience well-known, busy cities can do so, whereas those preferring to explore the quieter, more traditional and lesser-known villages and hidden gems are also able to do this.

Tour guides are all excellent, qualified drivers who are experienced with the roads of the region and able to provide a wealth of knowledge while being professional and amiable. Tourists will travel in style in new models of cars and luxury coaches to ensure a comfortable and relaxing journey.

Tours vary in duration and can be simply a day trip (8:00 – 19:30) to Jaipur which offers an elephant safari at the amber fort as well as camel riding at the water palace. The longest tour package goes for 21 days.

The tour company takes care of all facets of the tour travel requirements including hotel bookings, plane flights, railway tickets, car rentals, taxis, you name it. They will above and beyond to ensure a smooth and safe tour from the moment you arrive at the airport. 

What's The Best Rajasthan Tour?

If you've never been to India before, then the most obvious route to take is the Golden Triangle. This takes in the main sights in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. You can usually do this tour over 5 or 6 nights with a good option being (2N Delhi, 2N Jaipur and 1N Agra). 

You can of course do both Delhi and Agra in a day trip from Delhi and most people do. However the real secret to getting unspoiled photos at the Taj Mahal is visiting at 6.30am when it opens. That often involves a night in Agra and an early start, going back for breakfast. 

I'd personally spend less time in Delhi, which is crowded and polluted and more time in the heart of Rajasthan with time in Jaipur. A full day tour here is usually enough to see the main sights such as Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and others. 

Longer tours can incorporate more Rajasthani cities such as Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodphur, Pushkar, Ranthambore National Park, Shekhawati, Bikaner, Bundi, Mount Abu, Bharatpur, Alwar and Rural Rajasthan. You'll need at least 8 days to see Udaipur and Pushakar or by taking a safari in Ranthambore National park but longer trips can be up to 21 or 28 days. 

But whatever tour you take, make sure you stay in decent hotels. Either you can book these yourself or have your tour operator book them for you.

Personally I booked my own hotels, choosing to stay in the Oberoi and Taj hotel chains, both well known 5 star hotel chains that cost less than an average hotel in Sydney. 

Also sample some of the amazing Indian food, just make sure it's hot! And if the locals are eating there, it's probably a good sign. Tour operators will take you to restaurants with good sanitation and western style facilities, but it might pay to take some spare toilet paper.

Best Tiger Safari's In Rajasthan? 

India is one of the best places to spot tigers in the wild. In fact it's one of only a handful of countries where these magnificent beasts still roam. While there's many national parks in India that you can see tigers, the most accessible one is Ranthambore National Park. 

Due to this, the park does get crowded later in the day, so taking an early morning safari is the best way to try and spot tigers in the wild. Additionally you can spot lots of other wildlife and also view the Ranathambore Fort which was built in the 10th century. 

According to the official national park website there are only 85 tigers left in Rajasthan of which 70 are in this park, so you might want to make a visit before they're gone forever. 

Many tour operators we've featured above can offer tours here. Your driver will wait outside the park gates, while you go with an official safari operator. You can even stay in luxury and boutique hotels close to the park for an early or sundown safari when the crowds have disappeared. 

Take note, if you've been on an African safari, you'll be somewhat disappointed by the lack of wildlife, however you'll be focused on searching for that illusive beast! 

Should I Visit Jodhpur, Pushkar or Udaipur? 

When looking for the best Rajasthan tours, you'll notice a lot of them offer extended tours to these three magical cities. We often get asked, is it worth an extra 2-3 days to visit these places?

Depending on your exit from India it's definitely worth considering. If you can find a flight out of the country from Jaipur, or start your journey here, it will save you a lot of driving from/back to Delhi. For example we flew from Bangkok to Jaipur on Air Asia. 

Getting to Pushkar which is the closest city to Jaipur is a short 3 hour drive subject to traffic conditions and can be done in a day trip, although overnight is best. 

Getting to Jodhpur is another 3 hour drive from Pushkar and finally from there to Jodphur is a 4 hour drive. If you're short on time, this is a lot of driving, especially as you'll need to drive 7-8 hours back to Jaipur or 10-13 hours back to Delhi.

You can of course fly a domestic flight from Udaipur back to Delhi to save time. 

Both cities offer lots of different things to see and do. If you're short on time, pick one and also combine this with Pushkar. If you've got longer, do both.

things to do in pushkar

Best Things To Do In Pushkar

Pushkar is a sleepy holy town that usually attracts backpackers and hippies but it really comes a live during the first few weeks in October or November when the Pushkar Camel Fair is in town. 

This age old Indian festival is definitely worth a visit if you're in town during these days. You'll get amazing photos and see people buying and selling camels from all over the state. 

Some say it's the best festival in India, attracting over 400,000 attendees during the 14 day event. It's known locally as Kartik Mela or Pushkar ka Mela. 

Hotel rooms fill up in advance, so be sure to book something early if you're planning a visit. 

Outside of this, there's not much to see and do and one night is usually enough for most, especially as it's becoming more Westernised similar to other cities such as Delhi and Agra. 

There's many priests bathing on the ghat's and while they are great to take a photo of from a distance, up close and personal they'll demand a tip and hassle you until you give-in. 

Best Things To Do In Jodhpur

Jodphur is called the "Blue City" due to it's blue painted building's, similar to Jaipur being the pink city. It really is quite mesmerising to see for yourself. It's also the second largest city.

You'll get more of a realistic view of Rajasthan from here as there's far less tourists and inexpensive eateries, bars and cafes. For the best views of the city, head to Mehrangarh Fort. 

Outside of the main fort, other sights here include Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, Mandore Gardens, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park  and Kailana Lake which is a historic reservoir. 

The most common thing to do here is to relax and enjoy yourself. Grab yourself a hookah (water pipe), a coffee and take things slow. For some it's too slow, so might be worth skipping and choosing Udaipur instead! 

Best Things To Do In Udaipur

Udiapur is known as the most romantic city in India and is full of lakes and old palaces. If you want to take some amazing Instagram photos, Udaipur is the place to come. 

The main draw card is the Pichola lake and the City Palace Complex which hugs the eastern shore's which look amazing during sunset. The royal family still live here in some parts. 

Most people take a boat trip on the lake, especially with a special loved one. Well known DJ's regularly host boat parties here such as DJ NYK. 

Once you've seen the Palace and the museum you'll want to checkout the world's most expensive hotel located here called the Oberoi Udaivilas which can cost upwards of 2.5 million rupees ($33,000 USD) for an average room. There's also the world famous, Taj Lake Palace which is a palace in the middle of the lake, only accessible by boat. 

Additionally there's resorts such as the Leela Palace Udaipur and The LaLit Laxmi or the Devi Garh which are more affordable, but still pushing the top end of 5 star luxury. 

If you're looking for something romantic and to take things slow then Udaipur is a worthy contender but for those pushed for time or looking for action, it's probably not for you! 

How To Avoid Flying Into Delhi Airport

A lot of people are put off by taking a Rajasthan tour as they have to fly to Delhi Airport then travel nearly 5 hours each way to start their sightseeing. Recently Jaipur airport has gone international and now offers flights to many Asian countries such as Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand. 

If you want to save time and money, fly into Jaipur airport which is in the heart of Rajasthan. Your tour operator can meet you at the airport, which is close to the city. The flights arrive in the evening meaning you'll miss the chaotic traffic and get to your hotel within minutes. 

Compare that to arriving in Delhi and a one hour drive to your hotel, plus the chaos of trying to find your driver in the arrivals hall. Jaipur to Delhi can take up to 4 hours on a normal day and up to 8 hours if the traffic is bad, so you'll save a lot of time. 

Get A Rajasthan Tour Guide

You'll want a tour guide at the major sites. The drivers aren't allowed in so you'll have to explore by yourself. You'll also get hassled by unofficial guides to buy their services. Probably the best reason to get a tour guide is they can take photos of you and your group/partner. 

If you're travelling together, this will make your trip so much better. Imagine having professional photos taken at the Taj Mahal. For most people that's worth $40, the average daily guiding fee. 

Are Rajasthan Drivers Safe?

Thousands of Indian's make a living driving their cars and tuktuk's. While driving in India is more dangerous than Australia, it's no secret that Indian drivers are actually in control of their cars at all times. A crash will take them out of action, along with their livelihood for quite some time so it's in the best interests to ensure you're safe at all times. 

Negative feedbacks on sites like Tripadvisor can also seriously hurt a local tour operators business. If you like need for speed, I'm sure your driver will accommodate but equally if you want to drive slow and cautious, that can be arranged too. 

Cars are modern and have high safety ratings. You may find some cheaper tour operators but they probably supply old unsafe cars, the same type you'll see driving around in New Zealand. 

Do Rajasthan Drivers Speak Good English?

The cheaper your tour, the less likely your driver will have fluent English. In fact most tour operators offer drivers with a conversational level of English.

You definitely won't have fluent drivers who can understand slang or complex sentences. However, you can definitely understand each other and when it comes to timings and plans, you can be assured you're on the same page.

You'll often have access to the tour operator via Whatsapp which is good if you've got an Indian travel sim that only comes with mobile data. You'll also find nearly every 4 or 5 star hotel bell boy can speak fluent English who can relay instructions or call your driver if you need. 

Take car when visiting the sights, nearly every tour operators car looks the same and it can be difficult to locate your driver again. Take a photo of the car registration and license number printed on the gas cover on the car and ensure you get back in the right car and not a taxi or private driver who'll rip you off! 

Best Rajasthan Tour Operator Australia

Save your money when travelling in India and don't book with a multi national travel agency. Instead book a driver who can take you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to. Your driver will become a friend and companion during your trip. They all speak great English (India was a British colony) so everyone can understand and interact. 

If you're enjoy yourself, buy your driver some snacks or drink. They get paid a lot less than you're paying the tour operator. We've highlighted the 5 best Rajasthan tour operators Australia has to offer. Contact them, book your flights and start exploring Incredible India. 

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