Best Portable Projectors For Every Budget (Guide)

Want to get that presentation or video on the big screen without paying top dollar for a huge screen or television? Well until recently you would have had to buy an expensive projector, but thanks to the advancements in technology and parts, you can buy a portable project for a few hundred dollars.

But you've probably been looking for the best portable projector Australia has to offer for a while but haven't quite found the right one yet. 

Most of the featured products in this review will work devices such as Chromebooks, Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones and Televisions.

Best Portable Projector Australia

These are the best portable projectors that offer a wide range of features at affordable prices. They're functional, well made, highly reviewed and recommended by many including Best Five magazine.

1. ELEPHAS 1080P LCD Video Projector

  • 3000:1 contrast
  • 1080P HD Output
  • Supports up to 200"
  • Dual HDMI, VGA

The ELEPHAS 1080P LCD is the best portable video projector and is the perfect solution for your home theatre setup.

It’s equipped with an upgraded LED source ensuring that you get the best and highest brightness and lumen (3000:1 contrast ratio). It incorporates LCD display technology which reduces light attenuation.

The projector has a powerful cooling system with double heat dissipation so overheating will never be an issue with this ELEPHAS projector.

The cooling system is retrofitted, not dependent on fans, so fan noise is now very low and not a bother to your viewing experience. The projector is constructed from a durable, firm, heat-resistant and nicely textured ABS material.

The built-in stereo speakers provide a fantastic surround sound experience, just like you’re in a movie theatre

The projection size range is 44 – 200 inches with a distance of 4.9 – 18 feet. The ideal viewing distance is at 10ft with a size of 98in. Native resolution is 1280*800p, supporting 1080p. The LED lamp life is 30,000 hours or an average of 10 years of use.

The versatility of the ELEPHAS is that you can connect pretty well any multimedia device including AV/VGA/Dual USB/MicroSD/Dual HDMI/Audio and your iPhone, iPad and other devices with HDMI adapters. The ELEPHAS 1080P also comes with a remote control.

Used at 100 inches on to a plain white wall in a dark room, the ELEPHAS 1080P projects a beautifully clear image which is just as good as a TV of similar size as the projected image, which would cost a LOT more to purchase than the projector does. At this price point, the ELEPHAS 1080P is a really good value for money.

2. ELEPHAS Mini Projector

  • 2000:1 contrast
  • 1080P HD
  • Many outputs
  • 30% greater brightness

The mini projector from ELEPHAS is a great little investment for movie nights or maybe an inexpensive alternative to a TV for the bedroom.

This 2400 lumens projector has 30% greater brightness levels than other mini projectors of the same generation. Its upgraded cooling system incorporates double heat dissipation so the projector won’t overheat.

Its contrast ratio is at 2000:1 and it has significantly reduced fan noise levels (up to 80% reduction on other models). The native resolution is 800*480p and it supports up to 1080p video format.

The projector has connections for AV/USB/ MicroSD/ HDMI/VGA/TV/Fire/BlueRay/PC/Smart Phone and other devices so it’s extremely versatile.

You can improve your TV viewing by connecting to a TV to the projector – have friends over to watch a sports match with a few drinks indoors or outside after dark!

You can project on to any plain vertical surface really, including blinds and curtains, if you don’t have a projector screen.

The sound is loud and clear. And the remote control (2 x AAA batteries - not included) makes life comfortable once the projector is set up (which is extremely easy). Height adjustment is easily managed.

The ELEPHAS mini projector is probably not large enough to create a true home theatre but it’s really great for smaller areas like a bedroom, or for presentations etc. At the price, you’re getting a very good quality lightweight projector which can replace a TV or travel with you.

3. QKK Projector

  • 2000:1 contrast
  • Many outputs
  • Low fan noise
  • 1080P HD

The QKK Mini Projector is their latest upgraded version based on customer feedback and suggestions.

This new version has 2400 lumens of brightness which provides a wider viewing range and higher performance. The lifetime of the LED lamps has been extended to 50,000 hours. Its native resolution is a clear 840*480 due to the built-in 5-layer LCD lens and the maximum 176” projection size.

It has a supported resolution of up to 1080p and 2000:1 contrast ratio. With its upgraded brightness, you enjoy a clearer display. The aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9 gives the viewer a larger visual field of sight. The screen size is an impressive 176”. And the clarity can be manually adjusted.

The stereo sound is enhanced by 2 stereo speakers with high pitch, accurate median, and powerful low range. The fan noise is low so as not to impede the viewing experience.

The QKK mini projector is a multimedia device, supporting a wide range of other devices and inputs including HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/TV Box/ Amazon Fire/SD/ Laptops/ DVD Players/ Media players/Smartphones etc. The projector has a remote control.

The QKK mini projector is ideal for use at home or outdoors. It is designed to be used as a movie projector rather than a professional meeting or other uses involving reading text.

4. WXGA HD Smart Projector

  • 7000:1 contrast
  • WiFi enabled
  • Up to 5000"

The WXGA HD Smart projector is designed for those who are wanting a projector which can bring an unparalleled entertainment experience to their home theatre.

Put simply, this projector has it all. It is a 2019 release piece of multimedia equipment which is an android and Bluetooth compatible. It has a smooth operating system which gives a faster connection, a bigger clearer picture, and a beautiful surround sound experience.

The WXGA is primarily wireless and WiFi-enabled to be used with your phone, PC and other devices. It is Bluetooth enabled to connect with your speakers, headphones etc. But it also has all the other wired connectivity ports you might need and want, including HDMI/USB/Audio/VGA/AV/ATV.

Speaking technically, the projector has an LCD screen and LED lighting technology. It features an impressive and massive 5000 lumens brightness and 7000:1 high contrast. Its native resolution is a high 1280x800. The maximum resolution is 1920*1200, 1080P/720p/480p compatible.

The display is crystal clear with impressively sharp detail. The lifetime of the LED bulbs is 50,000 years (which gives an average of 20 years viewing). The lighting quality is diffuse, not harsh on the eyes.

The projection image is between 50-2000 inches at a throw distance of 5.9-22 feet.

You can mount the projector at the front of the space, the rear or on the ceiling.

The surround sound experience comes from powerful built-in Dolby-supportive speakers for high-fidelity.

The WXGA is perfect in pretty much every way. It is a thoroughly modern piece of audio-visual equipment which should please the toughest of critics.

5. TOUMEI Mini Projector

  • 3D-DLP Function
  • Up to 4K support
  • Up to 300" projection
  • Ultra portable

TOUMEI has brought to the mini projector market its T5, the next generation of its C800 series with many new innovative features to please projector fans.

Most exciting is that the upgraded version supports a 3D-DLP function which allows the viewer to watch 3D movies without the need for silly glasses! It also supports 4K videos.

The improved speakers are dual blast pipe with a mazed sound effect for a powerful effect whilst watching. External speakers are also an option if you want to enhance the sound at all, for example, if you’re outdoors or in a rowdy group!

The TOUMEI T5 mini features 2400 lumens brightness, 300” projection, upgraded Android 6.0 and up to 150 minutes battery life. It is a wireless projector which is WiFi-enabled to connect to your smartphone or iPhone and other devices. It is also Bluetooth enabled. And it supports wired connections.

The projector has a pre-installed Android operating system with 16GB RAM and 16GB flash memory. It has a TV-level CPU and built-in Freeclick and Google Play. You can download and install apps like Netflix, YouTube, Sky, etc onto the T5 and play without needing to access any other hardware.

The projector is powered by a built-in battery with a running life of up to 150 minutes. The unit has a remote control as well for comfort of use, with a handy mouse button.

The TOUMEI T5 mini projector is a great little ultra-modern projector which is excellent value for money.

Now you know the best portable projector Australia has to offer, why not checkout our other buyer guides.


When it comes to portable projectors you really can spend a fortune buying a brand name such as Philips, Microsoft or Sony. But looking online, there are budget options such as those outlined today.

We believe the ELEPHAS 1080P is the best portable projector you can purchase in Australia right now. After extensive testing, it's easy to see why.

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