Best Nose Facial Hair Trimmers (Top Picks)

Nose hair cannot always be avoided, and is an inevitable part of growing older, but there is no reason why it can't be groomed and maintained with one of our best nose facial hair trimmers

Overgrown nose hair is indeed an unwanted feature, and can be embarrassing if overlooked, but it can also be home to unwelcome bacteria.

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The classic method of scissors and tweezers is outdated and risky, so you're much better off investing in a good nose trimmer to alleviate the pain and complexity of these tools. 

Despite it being a cumbersome task, these top picks for nose hair trimmers will undoubtedly make it a much easier, more efficient process to keep your unwanted facial hair at bay. 

Best Nose Facial Hair Trimmer

1. Philips Series 3000

  • Advanced guard system
  • Ultra precise & sharp
  • Fully washable
  • 2 combs for eyebrows

Are you a man whose nose, ear and eyebrow hair is getting a bit much to handle these days? If not by you then perhaps your partner!

The Philips Series 3000 NoseTrimmer may well be your answer for tackling this unwanted hair.

With its ProtecTube technology this gadget ensures a gentle, quick and easy trim with no nasty pulling or catching.

The NoseTrimmer has 2 cutting edges in the head of the gadget which move separately against each other to catch all the unwanted hair in the nose and ears, and also trims eyebrows.

The design of the trimmer includes placing the head at an angle to reach into the nose and ears to catch hairs which grow at an angle in those places.

The head is protected by an extremely thin foil guard with rounded tips to prevent skin irritation and catching or pulling. Both the cutter and the guard have precise and sharp cutting slots for quick and effective cutting.

For eyebrows, the trimmer comes with two combs (3mm and 5mm) specially designed to shape eyebrows as they are being trimmed to a uniform and tidy length.

The trimmer can be quickly cleaned with tap water – no need for soaps or solvents. It’s battery operated by one AA battery which is included with purchase.

The handle is designed ergonomically with a soft-touch comfortable rubber grip which won’t slip even when wet.

2. PRITECH Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

  • 4 in 1 Multi-function
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 360-degree capture
  • Fully washable

Arriving on your doorstep in a sleek black design this grooming set from PRITECH includes a 4 separate heads for nose, beard, sideburns, and eyebrows and a USB charger for the inbuilt rechargeable battery.

The set will take care of any small areas of unwanted facial hair, including small beards and moustaches. There is no pain, no pulling of the hair, and no skin irritation.

The trimmer does not need oiling. And the trimmer heads can be easily washed under running tap water. But please avoid putting the body of the appliance anywhere near water.

The grooming set is quite compact and is easily transportable.

The nose hair clipper is fitted with a 360-degree cutter for capturing all the hairs in your nose and ears in one go – no twisting and struggling to reach all the areas that you can’t even see in the mirror! The handle is very comfortable to hold.

Stop trying to not cut yourself with the scissors whilst struggling to get the right angle to get to those pesky nose hairs.

And ear hairs? Well, they’re just a lost cause on your own. Do yourself a favour and try the Pritech men’s grooming set. You won’t recognise yourself, literally!

3. Remington Professional Trimmer

  • Advanced cutting system
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Rotary head
  • Fully washable

The Remington professional grooming set for nose, ears and eyebrows is a compact battery charged waterproof appliance at an extremely affordable price.

The unit features 2 interchangeable trimming heads, one for the nose and ears and the other for the eyebrows.

The blades are made from stainless steel which stay sharp, yet surprisingly gentle to the skin. The head used for trimming the nose and ears is a rotary blade which spins around in a circular foil guard to cut nose and ear hairs.

The eyebrow trimming head is linear blade, again in a foil guard.

The whole appliance can be used in the shower even though it is battery operated (1 x AA included with purchase). The cut is consistent and the trimmer is designed to prevent nicks, cuts or irritation.

The trimmer sits very comfortably in the hand and is very easy to clean under running water. And because it is very small it easily fits into a toiletries bag for travelling.

It’s time to take charge of your grooming needs and get rid of hair where you don’t want it with this versatile wet and dry grooming set from Remington, a company known for its excellent shaving products.

4. Panasonic ERGN30 Facial Trimmer

  • Quick set 5 positions
  • Stainless steel blade
  • No extra combs required
  • Fully washable

Thought about ergonomically and intelligently, the Panasonic facial hair trimmer ERGN30 uses angles in its design to ensure not only a comfortable experience for the user but also an effective cutting job.

The EERGN30 has an easy to use comfortable banana-shaped angled body and a sharp 60 degree angled dual-edged inner blade. Combined, these two design features mean that this trimmer performs a superb job.

Firstly, it does not pull on the hair. The banana shape and angled head means that there is very little, if any, friction between the head, the blade and the skin/hair.

The angled dual blade system cuts hair very quickly and very effectively on both sides of the nose or ear at the same time.

The trimmer can be used for trimming the nose and ears, and also the edges of the beard or moustache, and the eyebrows.

It deals equally well with both delicate hairs in hard to get to places and tougher hair like beards and moustaches. It is sturdy and well-made from quality materials.

To clean simply use running water with a drop or two of liquid soap. Every few uses remove the head and clean with the supplied brush for a more thorough clean.

The trimmer is battery operated (1 x AA supplied with purchase).

5. KEDSUM Professional Manual Trimmer

  • Sharp precision design
  • No batteries required
  • Safe and painless
  • Includes cleaning brush

The KEDSUM manual grooming set for men and women is a set which includes a nose and ear trimmer, a nail clipper and a cleaning brush.

You may wonder how a manual grooming set is going to be any different from a set of tweezers. Well, the Kedsum trimmer is very different indeed and when you see what it looks like you’ll realise how clever this little gadget is.

The nose and ear hair trimmer works by using ultra-sharp blades inside a circular head. The head needs to be inserted into the nose or ear and then the handles of the trimmer squeezed to turn the blades.

As they turn, the blades cut the hairs inside the nose or ear.

The blades do not come into contact with the delicate skin so there is never any risk of pulling, pinching, nicking or irritation. It’s very important to cut visible hairs only and to maintain a rotating movement whilst using the trimmer.

The trimmer should be cleaned after each use either by rinsing with warm water or with the supplied brush.

The appliance is made from quality durable stainless-steel and will last a lifetime, or at least as long as the blades last anyway.

The nail clipper mentioned earlier is something which Kedsum has included with the trimmer as a ‘gift with purchase’ which is also a unique and interesting design. Thank you to the manufacturer for that.


There's many different brands and models to choose from when you're looking to purchase the best nose facial hair trimmers. Above we've looked at what we believe to be the top 5 models to checkout. 

You generally get what you pay for in terms of battery life and reliability. You can however find brands that are very cheap but do your own research. 

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