5+ Best Mens Cricket Shoes To Buy Online

A pair of the best mens cricket shoes is integral to any cricketer's confidence and success on the cricket pitch, and can be a great way to help avoid injury or aggravating preexisting conditions.

Part of the game means running at full speed, jumping, diving and playing on slippery surfaces, all dangerous, high-impact actions that can lead to a cricketer acquiring a serious injury.

The secret to remaining safe and performing well in the cricket arena is a good pair of cricket shoes, that will absorb impact, withstand slippery surfaces and stay comfortable during the game.

Each cricketer is different and plays their individual roles in the game, which is why the following list offers a variety of types and styles of shoes for every player's unique needs.

1. Puma Team Full Spike

  • Sizes: US7-13
  • Good For: Serious Cricketers
  • Spikes: Full

With both foot support and ventilation, the Puma Team full spike cricket boot is an excellent choice at an excellent price.

This is a shoe designed for serious cricketers. It is totally performance-oriented, with comfort being an integral part of that engineering ethos.

The upper is made from lightweight microfibre leatherette material and features fully fused mesh inserts for optimum airflow around the entire foot.

The anatomically conscious outer sole design is made from an extremely light TPU which boosts the distribution of pressure and also provides traction and flexibility. A light midsole compound offers both cushioning and responsiveness when on the field.

The arch of the foot is fully supported by the ArchShank while the speed of the shoe is heightened by the weightless feel of the compound material.

The eleven large replaceable Lite Wate metal-tipped and TPU spikes are durable and secured through the gum rubber sole, which also features the customised Stitched Toe Guard for stability and durability.

The shoes have a lace-up closure. They are a medium width and the sizing does run large. Clean with a clean dry cloth for maximum life. The shoe is a bright white with a fiery coral flash down the side for the Puma brand effect.

2. Jazba Skydrive 100

  • Sizes: US10-13
  • Good For: All Round
  • Spikes: Rubber Studs

These turf cricket shoes from Jazba are designed for both comfort and performance on the field. They are the result of original designs and innovations combined with technological developments.

The shoes are suitable for all outdoor turf sports but particularly suit cricket. They feature a classic leather upper with mesh inserts in the sides for full breath-ability and comfort.

These Thermoflex panels create a ventilated cage for a lightweight feel whilst still protecting the foot and letting it breathe. The laser-cut parts are fused to the base of the upper rather than stitched for greater durability.

They have a round tip sole and a highly abrasive toe shield for protection of the toes. This shield is a reinforced padded area under the top layer of the toe of the shoe which is laminated, compressed and over-stitched.

It gives the wearer playing cricket a greater sense of confidence around playing hard on the pitch compared to sports which need more flexibility around the toe.

The shoes have DuraTurf rubber cleats around the sole for both cushioning and grip on both artificial and natural turf surfaces. The cleats are much lighter and more flexible and reactive than metal spikes can often be.

3. New Balance CK10B L4

  • Size: US8-12 
  • Good For: Batting
  • Spikes: Minimus

Suitable for both batting and fielding positions, the new Balance cricket shoe is a great all-rounder. The shoe is a ‘minimus spike’ design with a 4mm heel to toe drop which lowers the foot closer to the ground for enhanced balance and reactivity.

This is the only spike shoe of its kind in the industry.

The leatherette upper features an inner bootie which is irritation-free. The bootie is constructed to fit the entire foot to just below the ankle for a firm hold. The foam padding on the sole increases the comfort level.

The shoe features REVlite midsole foam cushioning which is highly durable. It’s also extremely reactive to sudden movement because it’s 30% lighter than other foam paddings of similar grade are.

TPU mesh is used through the upper for aeration and also to provide a fit similar to a running shoe – comfortably surrounding the foot with zonal support for speed and traction.

The rubber outsole is fitted with a 7/4 spike configuration. It features three TPU spike beds to reduce breaking and bending of spikes.

Overall the shoe is ultralight and fits the foot with optimum support and individuality as well as comfort. It is also durable enough to last many punishing innings or sessions on the outfield.

4. Kookaburra Pro 2000

  • Sizes: US7-12
  • Good For: All Round
  • Spikes: None 

The spiked cricket shoe from Kookaburra is a low-profile design for ultimate comfort and support. These are specifically engineered and designed for the speed and punishment of a cricket match.

They are made from a lightweight and durable PU leatherette upper which has unique mesh inserts for optimal foot ventilation and stitched latex on the toe for flexibility of movement and stability.

Those details and the integrated padded tongue are part of the brand’s ‘cage’ technology for midfoot stability and support as well as good ankle support. The uppers are also water-resistant.

A lightweight insole creates excellent heel and front shock absorption when braking or turning hard on the turf. A thermoplastic heel counter and a low-profile midsole made from EVA add to this supportive structure of the shoe.

The high-traction rubberised sole of the shoe provides excellent grip on the synthetic turf of a cricket pitch.

The soles are studded with their premium metal spikes which are quickly and easily replaced with rubber studs for running or practice sessions or simply being on the sidelines.

The shoe is available in White on White or Blue on White. They do run small in size. These are a nice comfortable and versatile cricket shoe at a good price.

5. Gray-Nicolls Players

  • Sizes: US8-13 
  • Good For: Test Level 
  • Spikes: Full 

World-renowned company Gray-Nicolls takes the advice of cricket pros when designing their wide range of cricket equipment and accoutrements. Their popular cricket shoes are no exception.

They are designed to perform at the very best levels of competition and are favoured by Test level cricketers from around the world.

The Players full-spike seniors cricket shoe from Gray-Nicolls is a lightweight ventilated shoe made from a honeycomb-type PU leatherette upper which incorporates many tiny air holes for ventilation of the entire foot whilst in play.

The shoe has a lightweight veneered support band for increased balance. The mid-section is an intricate system designed to provide as much flexibility and support of the forefoot as possible when twisting and turning on the pitch or in the field.

The rubberised outer sole has a low profile and is shock-absorbent, making it an excellent shoe on all surfaces, synthetic or other, and ideal for both outdoors, the nets and indoor settings.

The nine spikes are set out in a strategic 7/4 configuration which reduces the incidence of breakage and bending. This is a great all-round cricket shoe at an excellent price. It suits players of all ages and at all levels of competition.

How to choose best cricket shoes? 

Picking out the best cricket shoes can be a challenge, but we'll break it down and help you. 

  • Size

The first most important factor is size. Most cricketers can use the same size as their normal trainers. When you get to 25+ your feet stop growing, younger cricketers might need to physically try the shoes on though. 

How thick will your socks be? Probably light if you're playing outdoors so you probably shouldn't go a size up. You'll want your cricket shoes to be comfortable, not too tight and you should be able to get a full stride without your shoes coming off. 

The good thing here is that most stores offer free exchanges if you choose the wrong size. 

The sizes on most Australian stores are USA, so be sure to convert them to UK/AU sizing. 

  • Surfaces

You need to decide if you're going to be playing on grass or astroturf. Grass you'll definitely want something with spikes, whether that's full metal ones or rubber pinned ones.

Playing on synthetic grass or astroturf you'll want good rubber shoes that are good for grip. You'll not be allowed onto the pitch wearing spikes. Normal trainers will get damaged quickly and lose their grip, much like a belt sander on them. 

For turf or grass you'll most likely want spikes. 

  • Your Position

Are you a batsman or bowler or both? The position you play can determine which model you should buy. Half-spiked are definitely the preferred option for batsman or bowler as you'll want to be agile and quick off the mark. 

Fielders may prefer longer spikes to feel firmer for longer periods of time, although it's becoming more and more common for cricketers to choose the half spiked or even rubber spikes. 

For all rounders, if spikes are included you'll want the ability to change from full to half as and when required. 

  • Budget

You can spend a fortune or you can get away with mens cricket shoes from as low as $60. It's entirely up to you how much you're prepared to spend, what you're looking for and which brand you're willing to purchase. 

Budget isn't an indicator of how good or bad a pair of shoes are. Do your own research and check the reviews and ratings online to see what others think, before purchase. 


There's dozens of mens cricket shoes out there, so deciding which is the best is a difficult task so we'd recommend further research if you're unsure. The most expensive shoes definitely don't mean the best in terms of what you actually need.

Look at the position you'll be playing, the surface you'll be playing on and your current size. Then decide on the spikes you're required to have, or wish to have, and from there you can make an informative decision on the best mens cricket shoes to buy. 

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