5+ Best Ice Towels In Australia

There's no better way to tackle lethargy while you're exercising, than finding the best ice towel to keep you cool and energised.

After even minutes of exercise, especially in humid or hot conditions, your stamina can be greatly impacted by your body temperature and cause you to lose energy fast.

An ice towel, or cooling towel is a lightweight, compact accessory you can keep with you to tackle heat fatigue that will last longer than a few minutes.  

As with most products, even ice towels have been upgraded, with more and more innovative makes being added to the market every day, find 5 of these great types of cooling towels below. 

Best Ice Towels In Australia

1. Yamanman Wale Song Cooling Towel

Finally, a cooling exercise towel which does the job for more than a minute or two. The Time Whale Song cooling towel from Yamanman is made from microfiber (55% Polyamide and 45% Polyester) which retains the cold for a long time before needing to be refreshed with cold water. It’s also nice and soft on the skin.

Microfiber is also breathable and very lightweight. Simply soak the towel in cold water (use the water from your drink bottle), wring it out and give it a ‘snap’.

It’s ready to use around your neck, on your forehead, or wherever else you’re feeling hot. When it loses it’s cool, simply follow the same pattern and re-use.

As an evaporative towel, there are no chemicals to worry about either. Designed primarily as an exercise aid, it’s also great for the kids when they have a fever.

Or on a hot day at the beach or out fishing etc. Some people even use it on their pets when it gets hot.The large size (40*12”) is an added bonus.

And with purchase, you receive a waterproof carrying pouch with a handy carabiner clip so it's easily transportable when you are exercising and don't want to carry anything with your hands.

2. UCOOLA Cooling ICY Towel

Made from bamboo and microfiber the UCOOLA icy cooling towel is designed especially for athletes but is also of use to anyone who wants a way to cool down quickly in the heat.

Whether at the beach or if you have a fever or a hot flush’’, this towel will help you feel cooler instantly. Measuring a large 30*100cm these are durable and also lightweight for easy carrying.

They are absorbent, breathable and soft, and fold into a small package to be put into their silicone pod (supplied) for airing and then into your bag or even your pocket.

The silicone used for the storage pod is a healthy way to store it as it allows the towel to air-dry without nasty smells or bacteria developing. And the pod has a handy carabiner clip.

Use them wet or dry. Moisten the towel with cold water (this can be from your water bottle if you’re out and about) and then wring the towel out.

After shaking it out simply place it around your neck or wherever else you want to cool down. The towel will be instantly chilly to the touch and your skin will feel a lovely icy sensation.

To re-activate the coolness just ‘snap’ or shake the towel again. The absorbency of the bamboo allows the towels to stay cooler for longer than other brands.

3. Sukeen 4 Pack Ice Towel

The icy cooling towel from Sukeen comes in a handy four-pack so you can have one in the car, at home, in the gym bag and the beach bag as well.

These towels are made from a mesh material of super absorbent weaved fibres which regulate the water inside the towel to ensure that water is retained for instant coolness.

It operates on the same principle as an evaporative air-conditioner. When water evaporates it cools. The material used by Sukeen maximises the cooling effect for a better result than many others on the market.

Use the towel by wetting it in cold water, wringing it out and then ‘snapping’ it to free the fibres and make the towel whole again.

Put it around your neck or wherever else you’re feeling hot. When you have a fever you can place it across your forehead. Other uses include the relief of headaches, hot flashes, exercise, heatstroke, and sunburn.

The towel will stay chilly for up to three hours (depending on external conditions). You need to occasionally rinse the towel with clean water to remove sweat and dirt from it.

And each of the four towels in the pack comes with a handy plastic pouch with carabiner clip.

4. Beanlieve Ice Towels 4 Pack

Made from a breathable Polyester mesh, the cooling towel from Beanlieve is an absorbent silky fabric which is also extremely lightweight and highly practical.

The towels have three layers. After initially wetting with water (see below) one layer absorbs the moisture from the skin to dry the body.

The second layer locks in that water and the third layer does the real work of dehumidifying and evaporating the water to create a cooling effect. This is similar to the way an evaporative air-conditioner works.

To use simply wet with cold water, wring it out and then shake it for 3-5 seconds before applying it to the skin. The towel’s cooling effect can last for several hours, depending on the conditions.

The towels are very comfortable against the skin and work instantly to cool the body temperature by up to 30% wherever you place them. They dry very quickly as well.

They are perfect for relieving fever, exercise overheating, hot flushes, heatstroke, sunburn etc. They are free of all chemicals and are ultraviolet proof. They are also machine-washable.

They come in a pack of four so you can have one wherever you need it – in the car, gym bag, beach bag, and at home. Each one has its own waterproof bag with carabiner clip for easy portability.

5. U-Pick Cooling Towel

The U-Pick cooling towel is a great way to keep cool while you’re exercising or just out and about on a hot summer’s day. It’s also really good to have around when you or a loved one have a fever, sunburn, heatstroke, hot flush etc.

They can even as an ice-pack after an operation. The towel is very soft and gentle on the skin, and the right size (100*30cm) to be used as a headband, bandana or scarf or as a towel attached to your belt or bag in its pouch with carabiner clip.

They are extremely lightweight as well so not noticed when you are out for long periods in the heat. Made from chemical-free hyper-evaporative breathable materials, the towel uses the theory of evaporative cooling (like an air-conditioner) to cool the skin.

After being soaked in cold water for a minute, simply wring it out and shake it out and it’s ready for use. It will stay cold for up to three hours (in optimum conditions). The absorbent woven fibres inside the towel regulate its water retention for the maximum time possible.

The towel is machine washable and does need to be regularly washed to prevent any build-up of odour and bacteria. They come in a pack of four, each with its own carry pouch and each in a different colour so there’s one for each family member without any confusion.

Do Ice Towels Really Work? 

According to the extensive research done by Reviewed, they definitely do work. 

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