5+ Best Bluetooth Barcode Scanners [Top Picks]

The best wireless bluetooth barcode scanner is compatible with multiple systems and provides an easy, mobile and high-tech means of data collection. 

They are a key instrument in ensuring your business transactions run smoothly and accurately, or keeping track of a large volume of stock in a warehouse environment. 

The additional bluetooth feature should make the process easier, as opposed to more complex, which is why it is crucial to find a functional and reliable model.

We've done the majority of the leg work and picked out 5 of the better quality models off the market, now it's your job to pick the one that best suits your needs and your situation. 

1. Inateck Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Best for use at a fixed location such as a checkout area, cashier desk, factory scanning input point etc the Inateck BCST-70 Bluetooth barcode scanner connects to a computer or other fixed Point-Of-Sale machine via Bluetooth.

This scanner does not have a USB port so it can’t be used with phones or tablets except with an adaptor, purchased separately.

There are instructions in the User Manual around how to connect the BCST-70 to a Smartphone or tablet.The scanner is compatible with any computer operating system.

In terms of range, the scanner is restricted by current Bluetooth technology so the range is around 10 metres under normal circumstances.

However, Inateck has extended its range to 35 metres, and even further when transmission is unhindered by obstacles to up to 50 metres.

There are many scanning modes to choose from, Read mode being the most commonly used to enter an item on the system. Others include Auto-Sensing, Continuous Scanning, and Inventory.

The scanner can read blurred or even broken barcodes and will function in poor lighting conditions. It supports a wide range of barcode types and keyboard languages.

To enhance customer and to improve office efficiency the scanner will function at lightning speed with absolute accuracy even when the device is at an angle or not targeted completely on the item being scanned.

Ergonomics have also been thought about and the scanner is covered in a comfortable soft TPU rubber with an easy to push button for fatigue reduction.

2. NYEAR Wireless Barcode Scanner

With both Bluetooth 4.0 wireless or USB wired connectivity the NT500-H26 barcode scanner from NYEAR is designed for commercial Point of Sale or Inventory use.

No apps or other software are required and the scanner supports smartphones, tablets, and all PC’s and operating systems including iOS and Windows.

You can easily upload the code data to Microsoft Excel or Word, or other office software. It supports most barcode types.

The 32-bit processor and 16MB inbuilt storage are a real bonus: the scanner can process 200 codes per second and save up to 200,000 barcodes at once.

There’s an Automatic Continuous scan mode and an Inventory scan made which enhance efficiency and office productivity by enabling batch scanning to be done more quickly.

The scanner can read even smudged and broken barcodes and perform in difficult lighting situations.

It doesn’t need to be fully lined up with a barcode to read it which greatly increases the speed of processing.

A 2600Ah battery (included) will last up to 30 hours of scanning between charges, and charges using the USB cable in three hours. An Auto-Sleep function increases battery life.

The device itself is a sturdy but lightweight anti-shock design to cope with concrete floors.

3. Insert Product Here

Used either wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired with a USB cable, the Docooler BP barcode scanner is a perfect choice for any business with a physical Point of Sale, Inventory, or other stock sales and management systems.

There are no apps or other software requirements and the scanner can be used on a range of operating systems including Windows, Mac iOS, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Kindle Fire, Google Android, Microsoft Surface Tablet. And it supports over 20 keyboard configurations.

With Bluetooth, the functional range is up to 10 metres. The connection is a mini USB dongle (supplied). The device has an internal memory of 512KB and can store up to 5000 barcodes. It has a large decoding capability.

Using the Automatic Scanning function you avoid having to press the scan button – ideal for inventory or large stock input/output jobs.

The scanner is powered by an 850mAh Lithium battery (USB charger and adapter included). An Auto-Sleep mode extends the battery life.

The physical design is one of sturdiness in factory and other commercial environments – it has a shock-proof outer shell which protects it from falls onto concrete floors at 1.5 metres.

Yet it is light, weighing only 331g, making it comfortable to hold for prolonged periods.

4. Datalogic QuickScan QBT2430

The QuickScan QBT2430 2D barcode scanner from Datalogic is a wireless Bluetooth scanner which is ideal for any business which has a stock component, whether that be a physical Point of Sale or a warehouse/storage point with inventory requiring scanning as it arrives or leaves the premises and at stocktake.

It’s also useful for price checking and ad hoc shelf replenishment checking.

The scanner is compatible with any PC and iOS or Android device, including tablets, using Bluetooth HID as the interface. There are no apps or software requirements. The transmission range with Bluetooth is up to 25m.

An ergonomic innovation by Datalogic is an illumination and targeting system designed to reduce eyestrain of users by featuring a soft dark red central point with two blue LED arrows pointing at the barcode.

This places much less stress on the eyes. And if the read is ‘good’ the scanner shows a green light.

The scanner is battery powered (Lithium-ion battery included) and charges via USB (USB cable supplied).

For a quick charge, there is also the option of power-point charging. A cradle is supplied to rest the scanner when not in use. This features a latch to hold the device in place when it’s not in a stable place, eg a trolley.

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5. Cipherlab 1560P BT Scanner USB

Cipherlab’s 1560P BT USB laser barcode scanner is a state of the art wireless scanner with a transmission range of 90 metres.

This is a perfect solution for all stock records whether they be Point of Sale, stocktaking, inventory accounting, shelf-filling, receipt of goods or dispatch.

Alternatively, they have applications in other fields such as hospitals or any situations where barcodes are used as identifiers.

The scanner can also be used corded via a USB cable (supplied). The scanner is compatible with all PC’s, tablets and smartphones whether iOS, Windows or Android.

CipherLab ScanMaster software can be installed and used to configure and customise the scanner to your particular environment. And CipherConnect enables the connectivity between the scanner and a Smart device.

Featuring a new high-performance scan engine the scanner is capable of scanning at very high speeds (200 barcodes per second) and has an ‘out of range’ memory as well as a batch mode.

This means that it will keep recording even when out of Bluetooth range and update the database records on whichever system is used when it gets back into range.

The 1560P will read any size barcode and has an extra-wide 90mm read width.

It arrives with a base station charging cradle which can be rested on a desk or counter or hung on a wall depending on the layout of your particular commercial surroundings. This enables it to be used hands-free.

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How To Choose Best Barcode Scanner?

You'll want to consider a few different features before buying a barcode scanner. 


Nearly all barcode scanners are now Bluetooth. This requires batteries whether rechargeable or non-rechargeable, and may require connectivity with your computer so you'll likely need Bluetooth on there, or atleast a dongle to add connectivity.

Some older models will have USB only, which requires plugging the device into the USB port on the computer. USB is much more reliable than Bluetooth and works similar to a keyboard. 

USB is cheaper than Bluetooth, but only offers a cable of approx 2m between the scanner and the computer which limits the ability to move around the warehouse or office. 

Most Bluetooth models come with a base station which helps to charge the device again when not in use. You may only use the device a few times per hour, so keeping it charged isn't difficult. 

Scan Rate

Most modern barcode scanners can scan at super fast rates, with some offering rates of up to 200 scans per second. You should take a look at what you require, before deciding on a model that offers a suitable scan rate for you. 

Transmission Range

This is for the Bluetooth and Wireless models, you'll probably want to check the transmission range to see how far away from the docking unit you can go, some units support up to 100 metres, while others only offer 10 metres. 


You can check to see what software comes with the barcode scanner. Some models offer software to customize the settings on the device, while others offer software for scanning barcodes.

Ultimately you'll likely be using additional software such as a courier platform, your own internal software or a Word document, so make sure you check to ensure it will work with that. 

Where To Buy Barcode Scanner In Australia?

Aside from our recommendation of Amazon.com.au, you can find barcode scanners for sale at Officeworks, Kmart, Target and other home and office suppliers such as: 

  • EasyPOS
  • OnlyPOS
  • Barcodes.com.au
  • Cash Register Warehouse
  • StanleyPackaging.com.au
  • Peacocks.com.au. 

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