5+ Best Basketball Hoop Stands For Backyard Fun

Basketball is a fun and inclusive game that requires just one piece of large equipment, but acquiring this doesn't have to be a difficult task with the best basketball hoop stands.

This product will make playing a recreational game with friends or family, or practising and improving your skills a lot easier and a lot more convenient. 

Its mobility and portability makes it easy to set up virtually anywhere, without the stress or hassle of installing it, leaving more time to have fun and enjoy the game!

Save yourself time, money and energy, and consider purchasing one of these great options for a stand-alone basketball stand.

1. Everfit Portable Basketball Hoop Stand

  • Adjustable from 2.3 to 3.05m
  • Integrated self-return system
  • Roller wheels for moving
  • Robust H shaped frame/base.

With a robust frame, height-adjustable ring, large backboard and caster wheels for manoeuvrability, the Everfit portable basketball hoop stand is great for training or backyard fun.

A tough steel round pole frame withstands all the dunking you can give it and can be easily adjusted between 2.3 and 3.05 meters. The angle is also adjustable.

The stand is an H-shaped frame with a reinforced steel support for greater stability.

An extra-large backboard (120*80cm) made from shatterproof poly-carbonate plays just the same as pro hoop stands do.

The stand includes an integrated self-return system when you play a perfect shot. And the spring-loaded hoop with nylon net will easily bounce back with even the strongest of dunks.

A large strong base (112*70*17cm) can be filled with both water and sand at the same time for the most stable of foundations which will never tip over no matter how hard it’s hit.

The roller wheels mean that the stand can be easily moved around the training venue or the back garden at home.

This is an excellent addition to your kid’s home ‘gym’. The adjustable height means that younger kids can practice with a genuinely height appropriate hoop stand which can be gradually adjusted as they grow.

Please note that this stand does require some initial assembly but easy to follow instructions are included.

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2. TechOnline Adjustable Stand

  • Adjustable 2.1 to 2.6m
  • 50 sand filled base for durability
  • Integrated roller wheels
  • Affordable option

The height-adjustable basketball stand from TechOnline is ideal for training or just simply playing around at home for all of the family and their friends.

The ring height versatility is fantastic for younger kids because it provides them with realistic and achievable targets which can be adjusted to meet their changing abilities as they grow taller.

The stand is adjustable to between 2.1 and 2.6 meters using a very simple mechanism.

A sturdy and very durable reinforced 45mm round pole steel frame provides a solid structure which will withstand the knocks that dunking and hard ball hits that basketball involves.

A large 50-litre base (75*45*13cm) which can be filled with water, sand or both stabilises the entire stand to reduce any chance of it tipping over.

The entire structure is UV resistant.

The high-tensile steel ring features a nylon net.

The large backboard (80*58cm) is made from shatter-proof PVC, just like pro boards are. This means that it’s strong and durable as well as highly weather resistant.

The polycarbonate boards are excellent for dunking and hard ball hits because of their strength.

Integrated roller wheels make the stand easily moved around. As the entire stand only weighs 10kg it is truly portable.

Some assembly is required after purchase but a User Manual is supplied.

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3. Everfit 3.05M Basketball Hoop Stand

  • Adjustable from 2.25-3.07m
  • Really strong H-frame design
  • Integrated roller wheels

Designed to be long-lasting and resistant to the hardest of knocks the 3.05m height-adjustable basketball stand from Everfit is a great way to have some fun in the yard and get some cardio exercise in.

The stand adjusts with an easy-to-use mechanism to heights between 2.25 and 3.07 meters.

A really strong steel H-frame with ultra-thick reinforced padding support provides the perfect foundation for the stand.

A large heavy-duty base (90*60*14cm) made from blow moulding PE and able tom be filled with water, sand or both eliminates any risk of tip over.

The backboard (measuring 110*75cm) is made from acrylic on a PE frame and is shatterproof. It performs well no matter how strong the balls are thrown at it. It also features a rebound board in the base for self-return and rebounding the balls.

The 18” rim with nylon net is made from high-tensile steel and can withstand dunks up to 50kg.

Integrated roller wheels and a light-ish weight of only 26kg means that you can move the stand around to suit.

Perfect for growing children and as part of your family’s play equipment, the stand doesn’t take up a lot of room and provides healthy alternatives for children’s leisure time.

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4. Fortis Premium Adjustable Stand

  • Adjustable from 7.5-10ft
  • Ball return system
  • Heavy duty base
  • Spring loaded ring for feedback

With the Fortis portable height-adjustable basketball hoop stand you can train even serious players, or just add to your family’s healthy play equipment and help your kids train for basketball with hoops at the correct height for them.

The stand is adjustable to between 7.5 and 10 feet with an easy to use click-and-pull mechanism.

The frame is made from a high-impact-resistant HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This is very durable and highly weather resistant.

The backboard (measuring 110*71cm) is made from polycarbonate, the strongest shatterproof choice for withstanding both impact and climatic conditions and for providing rebound.

The large base (114*76cm) can be filled with water and/or sand and provides a sturdy foundation for the entire stand, which won’t tip over no matter what the impact is, including strong-arm dunking.

The combination of the rebound effect of the backboard and a spring-loaded ring with nylon net gives players throw depth perception and easy rebound free throw shots. The spring-loading is a feature which sets this stand apart from many others in this market sector.

Embedded roller wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability of the stand around your training venue or home.
Assembly is required before initial use but a User Manual helps to make this very straightforward.

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5. Spalding 54in Glass NBA Beast

  • Adjustable 230-300cm
  • NBA approved backboard
  • Heavy 150L base, good for slam dunks
  • Portable for moving around

With an extra-large 54*32” glass backboard the Spalding 54” Glass NBA Beast Basketball System is a portable hoop stand.

The price point of this piece of equipment is pretty steep and really puts it into a category for serious players who want to train professionally, want to seriously compete with their friends, or for basketball aficionados who really want the best of the best to play with.

This is a height-adjustable hoop stand. The height allowance is between 230 and 300 cms using a Screw Jack system. This is great for children to use as you can make it suitable for their smaller frames.

The beauty of the tempered glass backboard, as compared to polycarbonate and acrylic, is its superior rebound performance. This is a gym standard backboard.

A proprietary Arena Slam rim with nylon net is spring-loaded so it responds well to the force of dunking and absorbs the impact. The spring is protected for longevity by a metal cover.

The Ultimate Hybrid base is a 150-litre drum which can be filled with water and/or sand for a really solid untippable foundation.

The frame is a four-inch steel pole system which is sturdy and strong with struts for additional support.

And portability is taken care of by the integration of two base wheels which let you tilt and roll the stand around.

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Perfect your game at home or on the street with these awesome best basketball hoop stands to suit every budget from ultra budget to top dollar NBA approved options. 

Practice makes perfect and these hoops can give your kids and friends endless fun. Just make sure you get a heavy duty based one if they'll be doing a lot of slam dunks! 

Caleb McLaughlin